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2015Open access & copyright: let's start the conversationMorrison, Heather
2019Peer review of Pubfair frameworkMorrison, Heather
2019Dialectic of openMorrison, Heather
2019What counts in research? Dysfunction in knowledge creation & moving beyondMorrison, Heather
2019An open peer review of “Few open access journals are Plan S compliant”: 3rd and final roundMorrison, Heather
2019[Science] Knowledge as a human rightMorrison, Heather
2018Individual Submission to Statutory Review of the Copyright ActMorrison, Heather
2018Global OA APCs 2010 - 2017: major trendsMorrison, Heather
2017-09-20An adventure in open research data remix, licensing and provenance: case study of the Open Access Article Processing Charges (OA APC) longitudinal studyMorrison, Heather
2017-01Elsevier: among the world's largest open access publishers as of 2016Morrison, Heather
2017-01Directory of Open Access Journals (Review)Morrison, Heather
2016-11-01Ethical Decision Making in Robots: Autonomy, Trust and ResponsibilityAlaieri, Fahad; Vellino, Andre
2016-06-23Canada's draft new plan on open government 2016 - 2018 (comments)Morrison, Heather
2016-04The Ethical Characteristics of Autonomous RobotsAlaieri, Fahad; Vellino, Andre
2015Can playing Minecraft improve teenagers’ information literacy?Bebbington, Sandra; Vellino, Andre
2015Harmonizing the Metadata Among Diverse Climate Change DatasetsVellino, André
2016-01-28Open access, copyright and licensing: basics for open access publisherMorrison, Heather; Desautels, Lisa
2015-10Structuring An Action Net of Public Library MembershipCavanagh, Mary
2015-09-09Sustaining the knowledge commons: open access scholarshipMorrison, Heather; Salhab, Jihane
2015-06-04Open access APC subject, content and impact factor correlational studyMorrison, Heather; Villamizar, César; Salhab, Jihane; Calvé-Genest, Alexis