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2019-06-17Pathways, Health, and Experiences of Homelessness among Foreign-Born FamiliesPolillo, Alexia; Sylvestre, John Charles
2019-06-14End-User Security & Privacy Behaviour on Social Media: Exploring Posture, Proficiency & PracticeAkbari Koochaksaraee, Amir; Ruhi, Umar
2019-06-14Pharmacology and Toxiclogy of Echinacea, Souroubea and Platanus spp.Liu, Rui; Harris, Cory Steven; Arnason, John
2019-06-14Nano-engineering of High Harmonic Generation in Solid State SystemsAlmalki, Shaimaa; Brabec, Thomas
2019-06-14How Financial Literacy Impacts Financial Decisions for Business Owners of Both Genders in CanadaNegreiros Alves Junior, Acacio Jose; Riding, Allan
2019-06-12Development of A Patient-Centered Symptom Management Mobile ApplicationEynakchi, Reza; Kuziemsky, Craig
2019-06-12Utrophin A Upregulation by FDA-Approved Drugs for the Treatment of Duchenne Muscular DystrophyPéladeau, Christine; Jasmin, Bernard
2019-06-11The Problem of Idleness: An Arendtian Justification of Universal Basic Income in the Face of Mass AutomationLewicki, James; Sparling, Robert
2019-06-07An Impact Assessment and Dependency Management Framework for BPMChristie, Adrian Troy; Peyton, Liam
2019-06-06Adaptation and Diversification in Bluebells (Mertensia spp., Boraginaceae)Lin, Shang-Yao Peter; Forrest, Jessica
2019-06-06“How Does Working Alone Together Feel?” Aesthetic Ways of Knowing and Creating Knowledge in an Open Concept OfficeMarasse, Elizabeth; Cavanagh, Mary
2019-06-03Semi-Supervised Hybrid Windowing Ensembles for Learning from Evolving StreamsFloyd, Sean Louis Alan; Viktor, Herna
2019-06-03A Cloud-based Surveillance and Performance Management Architecture for Community HealthcareEze, Benjamin; Peyton, Liam
2019-06-03Perceptions of First-Generation Canadians on Rights and Deservingness of Healthcare for Canadian NewcomersDoreleyers, April Elizabeth; Vanthuyne, Karine
2019-06-03Bioprospection of Metagenome to Access Novel Biological PathwaysGosse, Jessica Thandara; Boddy, Christopher
2019-05-31The effect of Methylphenidate on Energy Expenditure in Individuals with Obesity: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Pilot TrialHafizi, Kaamel; Goldfield, Gary; Doucet, Eric
2019-05-31The Politics of Iranian and Palestinian Cinema: Expressing Dissent Through CreativityTouzzelti, Rim; Vairel, Frédéric
2019-05-30Harnessing Natural Product Biosynthesis to Access MacrocyclesHeberlig, Graham William; Boddy, Christopher
2019-05-29Synthesis of Analogs of a Potential Drug for Treatment of EpilepsyFluet-Chouinard, Adrien; Ben, Robert
2019-05-29Service-Oriented Information-Centric Vehicular Ad-hoc NetworksModesto, Felipe; Boukerche, Azzedine