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2023-09-25From Knee Osteoarthritis to Post-Operative Total Knee Arthroplasty: Understanding the Role of Muscle Strength, Activation, Biomechanics and Implant Design on Knee Joint FunctionKowalski, Erik; Lamontagne, Mario; Li, Jing Xian
2023-09-25Topics Related to Tensorially Absorbing Inclusions and Algebraic K-Theory of C*-AlgebrasSarkowicz, Pawel; Tikuisis, Aaron; Giordano, Thierry
2023-09-25Vouer pour se distinguer, vouer pour s'associer : les vœux du faisan et la propagande de Philippe le Bon (1454 - 1464).Royer-Quesnel, Gabriel; Fianu, Kouky
2023-09-25Le réseau épistolaire d'Élisabeth Bruyère (1839-1862) : des identités individuelles et culturelles qui s'entrelacentMurray, Brigitte; Hotte, Lucie
2023-09-25The Impact of Time to Major Intervention and Delayed Care for Patients with Traumatic HemorrhageLamb, Tyler; Vaillancourt, Christian; Taljaard, Monica
2023-09-22Historical Aspects of the Story of Euphemia and the GothGrammatikopoulos, Alexandros; Greatrex, Goeffrey
2023-09-22Joint Trajectories of Bullying Victimization and Perpetration: Investigating the Role of the COMT GeneDesmarais, Riley; Vaillancourt, Tracy
2023-09-22Genetic and Hypoxic Control of Dormancy in Barley (Hordeum vulgare) is Linked to Alanine Aminotransferase at the SD1 LocusFarquharson, Lochlen; Brauer, Elizabeth
2023-09-22The Effect of Arm Swing and Asymmetric Walking on Gait Kinetics in Young AdultsBisson, Nicholas; Nantel, Julie
2023-09-22Proposing the Cognitive Space Theory: A Map to Explore the MindGoulet-Pelletier, Jean-Christophe; Cousineau, Denis
2023-09-21The Politics of Nursing: The Neoliberal Transformation of Nursing Emergency CareLauzier, Kim; Foth, Thomas
2023-09-21La figure du médecin praticien de l'aide médicale à mourir au Canada : persécuteur, victime ou sauveur ?Nuttens, Charlotte; Perreault, Isabelle; Renard, Bertrand
2023-09-21Data Reuse Among Digital Humanities Scholars: a Qualitative Study of Practices, Challenges and OpportunitiesHarper, Lina Marie; Haustein, Stefanie
2023-09-20Tillage and Crop Rotation Shape Soil-borne Oomycete Communities in Corn, Soybean and Wheat Cropping SystemsGahagan, Alison Claire; Chen, Wen; Aris-Brosou, Stéphane
2023-09-18Constitutional Environmental Rights: Investigating their Potentials for a Sustainable Niger DeltaOdong, Nsikan-Abasi Umana; McLeod-Kilmurray, Heather
2023-09-15Automated Speed Enforcement as a Mechanism of Social Control?Abouchacra, Zeina; Paré, Daniel
2023-09-15Non-Indigenous Therapists' Lived Experiences of Gaps and Challenges in their Multicultural Competencies when Working with Indigenous ClientsFelix, Joyeuse Nereah; Audet, Cristelle
2022Exploring the Nature of Benefits and Costs of Open Innovation for Universities by Using a Stochastic Multi-Criteria Clustering Approach: The Case of University-Industry Research CollaborationZare, Javid
2023-09-13Social Norms and Power Structures: Exploring Mobile Health Technologies for Maternal Healthcare in NigeriaUdenigwe, Ogochukwu; Sanni Yaya, Hachimi
2023-09-13On the Use of the Kantorovich-Rubinstein Distance for Dimensionality ReductionGiordano, Gaël; Pestov, Vladimir; Wells, George