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2017The Effects of Chemotherapy on Cognition in Women with Breast CancerO'Farrell, Erin
2017The Relationships between Motivation, Goals, and Sanctions in Determining Levels of Cooperation over Diminishing ResourcesBaxter, Daniel
2017Passé ludique et déviations historiques: Sens et fonction du Moyen Âge dans les jeux de rôleViveiros, Guillaume
2017Towards New Bounds for the 2-Edge Connected Spanning Subgraph ProblemLegault, Philippe
2017Parent and Youth Discrepancy Ratings of Mental Health Symptoms in Adolescents: The Moderating Role of Family FunctioningFontaine, Sabrina
2017On Beş Köpek, Turkish Translation and Analysis of André Alexis's Modern Fable Fifteen DogsKeskin Saldi, Rana
2017Optimal Cyber Security Placement Schemes for Smart City InfrastructuresHasan, Md Mahmud
2017Friedrich Nietzsche’s "On the Genealogy of Morality" as History Serving LifeO'Brien, Aaron John
2017Silicon Photonics and Its Applications in Microwave PhotonicsZhang, Weifeng
2017The Prostaglandin E2 Receptor 1 (EP1) Antagonizes AngII in the Collecting DuctEckert, David
2017An Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Deterioration at Supercritical PressuresKline, Nathan
2017Three Essays on the Measurement of ProductivityHussain, Jakir
2017Distribution, Morphology and Carbon Stock of Earth Hummocks in the Chuck Creek Trail Valley, Northern British Columbia, CanadaVerret, Marjolaine
2017La relation patient-médecin dans le contexte des effets secondaires : une théorisation ancrée auprès des personnes vivant avec le VIHDufour, Caroline
2017Seismic Damage Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings in CanadaAl Mamun, Abdullah
2017Evaluating the Source and Use of Radon for Exploring Deeply Buried Uranium DepositsDudek, Nickolas
2017Wartime Lessons, Peacetime Actions: How Veterans Like Major-General Dan Spry Influenced Canadian Society After 1945Case, Gordon Christopher
2017« On le dit avec la bouche, mais pas avec le cœur » : Quels facteurs de résistance à l’égalité des genres ? Le cas de l’accès à la terre au FuutaParent-Chartier, Clothilde
2017Identification and Characterization of Peptide Substrates of Bacterial Transglutaminases for Use in Bio-conjugation and Bio-catalytic ApplicationsOteng-Pabi, Samuel
2017Multi-Junction Solar Cells and Photovoltaic Power Converters: High-Efficiency Designs and Effects of Luminescent CouplingWilkins, Matthew