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2022-09-30Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Chronic Neuropathic Pain (CNP):  A Pilot fMRI Neuro-Imaging Analysis in Breast Cancer Survivors Mioduszewski, Ola; Smith, Andra
2022-09-29Entre racialisation et subjectivité : analyse critique de la construction identitaire chez des femmes biraciales francophones au QuébecLefebvre, Magalie; Benhadjoudja, Leila
2022-09-29The Tenants of Apple Orchards: Evaluating the Effects of Additional Nesting Habitat on Bee PopulationsHyjazie, Batoule; Forrest, Jessica
2022-09-29Majorana Fermions in Synthetic Quasi One-Dimensional Systems: Quantum Computer Driven Simulation ToolsGayowsky, David; Hawrylak, Pawel
2022-09-29Development of Pharmacologically Distinct Opioid AnalgesicsPatel, Shivani; Giguère, Patrick
2022-09-28Cochrane ‘Living’ Systematic Review on Diagnostic Accuracy of Imaging for COVID-19Islam, Nayaar; McInnes, Matthew
2022-09-28Les impacts perçus des rapports GladuePichard, Jessica; Campbell, Kathryn; Truong, Alexis Hieu
2022-09-28Green Global Policy Assemblages: The Evolution of Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Response to Climate Change in NamibiaHeffernan, Andrew; Abrahamsen, Rita
2022-09-27Performing Jewish Rituals on Stage: The Case of S. An-sky’s The Dybbuk: or Between Two WorldsMarcus, Noah; Meerzon, Yana
2022-09-27Applications of Lewis Acid Gold(I) Catalysis in the Synthesis of Polycyclic Carbocycles and the Total Synthesis of (±)-Salvinorin ATran, Huy Minh; Barriault, Louis
2022-09-26Numerical Methods for the Microscopic Cardiac Electrophysiology ModelFokoué, Diane; Bourgault, Yves
2022-09-26Haptic-Enabled Robotic Arms to Achieve Handshakes in the MetaverseMohd Faisal,; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb; Petriu, Emil
2022-09-26Pathophysiology and Reversibility of Prolonged Knee Joint Immobilization: A Comprehensive Temporal Investigation Using an Animal ModelZhou, Haodong; Laneuville, Odette
2022-09-23Essays in Public Economics and the Economics of CrimeWright, Taylor; Brodeur, Abel
2022-09-23Leisure-Time Physical Activity in People with Advanced Cancer: Exploring the Perspectives of Adults Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and of Oncology Physiotherapists in CanadaShallwani, Shirin Mehdi; Thomas, Roanne; King, Judith Ann
2022-09-23Education about Religion, Beliefs and Worldviews: Exploring the Viewpoints of Educators and Parents in CanadaCusack, Christine L.; Beaman, Lori
2022-09-23Les maladies cardiovasculaires chez les femmes : une étude qualitative sur les rapports du coroner du Québec de 2002 à 2017Harchaoui, Elsa-Karine; Thifault, Marie-Claude
2022-09-23Do Roads Effect the Abundance of Garter Snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis) and Redbelly Snakes (Storeria occipitomaculata)?Gigeroff, Andrea; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel
2022-09-22Understanding Consumers’ Experiences with Youth Sport: Opportunities from the COVID-19 PandemicTeare, Georgia; Taks, Marijke
2022-09-22Integrated and Coordinated Relief Logistics Planning Under Uncertainty for Relief Logistics OperationsKamyabniya, Afshin; Patrick, Jonathan; Sauré, Antoine