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2018-05-24La gouvernance collaborative: Un processus déterminant pour la santé des populationsOuellet, Normand; Bouchard, Louise
2018-05-23Design and Implementation of an Artificial Intelligence-Driven Gait Phase Recognition System for Orthotic Knee ControlFarah, John; Lemaire, Edward; Baddour, Natalie
2018-05-23Fabrication of III-V Integrated Photonic DevicesAwan, Kashif; Dolgaleva, Ksenia
2018-05-22Caspase-dependent Signaling as an Inductive Cue for Cardiac HypertrophyPutinski, Charis; Megeney, Lynn
2018-05-18The Distribution of Fitness Effects of Synonymous Mutations in a Gene under SelectionLebeuf-Taylor, Eleonore Elisabeth; Kassen, Rees
2018-05-18La transformation du territoire et de la population de Détroit au prisme de la destruction créative néolibérale: grandeur et dépérissement dans l'adaptation à la forme entrepreneurialeMunger, Sylvain; Grondin, David
2018-05-18A Linear Free-Energy Approach to the Study of Substituted Phenoxazines as a Potent Family of Radical Trapping AntioxidantsFarmer, Luke; Pratt, Derek
2018-05-17Modeling the Determinants to Regulated Nurses' and Allied Health Staff Members’ Job Satisfaction in Residential Long-Term Care FacilitiesAloisio, Laura Denise; Squires, Janet Elaine; Gifford, Wendy Annette
2018-05-17The Role of p130/DREAM in Silencing Self-renewal Genes in Post-mitotic Neurons.Azzi, Joelle; Slack, Ruth
2018-05-17Metabolic Variation in the Toxigenic Cyanobacterium Microcystis AeruginosaRacine, Marianne; Pick, Frances
2018-05-17Are Age-related Changes Evident in the Active and/or Passive Components of Pelvic Floor Muscle Force Outcomes in Nulliparous Women?Semmen, Mahin; McLean, Linda
2018-05-17Characterization of the Thioesterase Domain of the Bacillaene PathwayHorsman, Mark; Boddy, Christopher
2018-05-17The Relationship Between Profiles and Transitions of Problem Behaviour in Elementary-School Children and Engagement in Health-Risk Behaviours in Early AdolescenceJohnson, Dylan; Colman, Ian
2018-05-16A pedagogy of weaving Nigerian Tiv a’nger into life writing, mobility and place: my travelling encounters as an international student retoldOguanobi, Hembadoon Iyortyer; Palulis, Patricia
2018-05-16Contextualizing Aquatic Rehabilitative Practices in CanadaAshton, Alyssa; O'Connor, Eileen
2018-05-16DNA Labels for Improved Detection and Capture with Solid-State NanoporesKarau, Philipp; Tabard-Cossa, Vincent
2018-05-16Law Enforcement Experience with Illegal Drugs and Its Influence on Police Officer Perceptions of Illegal Drugs, Their Users, and the Market That Furnish These DrugsPascale, Bourque; Quirion, Bastien
2018-05-16Creation of a Team Brand with Individual Athletes on Social Media: An Exploratory Case Study of the FAB_IVBrizay, Stephany; Séguin, Benoit
2018-05-15Organizational Crisis Communication Translated in the Networked SocietyMcIntosh, Heather; Basalamah, Salah
2018-05-15Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls with Welded Wire Grids as Boundary Element Transverse ReinforcementNavidpour, Mansour; Saatcioglu, Murat