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2019-10-15Salafi Jihadism, Disengagement, and the Monarchy: Exploring the case of MoroccoFilali, Abdelkader; Arel, Dominique; Raboudi, Noomane
2019-10-15Implementation of a Bioanalytical Metaproteomics Assay and Design of Bioinformatics Algorithms to Investigate Microbiome-Modulating Effects of Resistant StarchesRyan, James; Figeys, Daniel; Lavallée-Adam, Mathieu
2019-10-15A Concept Analysis of the Patient Experience in Acute CareAvlijas, Tanja; Backman, Chantal Eva
2019-10-11A Comparison of Brain Trauma Characteristics from Head Impacts for Lightweight and Heavyweight Fighters in Professional Mixed Martial ArtsKhatib, Ali; Hoshizaki, Thomas
2019-10-11Examining Lifestyle Behaviours and Weight Status of Primary Schoolchildren: Using Mozambique to Explore the Data Gaps in Low- and Middle-Income CountriesManyanga, Taru; Tremblay, Mark
2019-10-11Optoelectronic Device Modeling of GaAs Nanowire Solar CellsRobertson, Kyle; Krich, Jacob
2019-10-10Be/longing to Places: The Pedagogical Possibilities and His/Her/Stories of Shifting Cultural IdentitiesCampbell, Ashley; Palulis, Patricia
2019-10-09Cannabis Metabolomics: Comparison of Cannabis Products and Effect of VaporizationLee, Tiah; Harris, Cory Steven
2019-10-08Contexte démographique du Département de psychiatrie de l’Hôpital Montfort (1976-2006) et parcours clinico-social d’un patient schizophrène (1983-2007)Sabourin, Andrée-Anne; Thifault, Marie-Claude
2019-10-08Allegory and the Transnational Affective Field in the Contemporary Mexican Novel (1993-2013)Bernal Rodríguez, Alejandra; Lillo, Gaston
2019-10-08Effect of Electrochemical Promotion and Metal-Support Interaction on Catalytic Performance of Nano-catalystsHajar, Yasmine; Baranova, Olena
2019-10-07Experiences of Nurses and Midwives Regarding Postpartum Care in Rural Kenyan Communities: A Qualitative Focused Ethnography StudyKemei, Janet Jeruto; Etowa, Josephine
2019-10-07Speech Auditory Brainstem Response Signal Processing: Estimation, Modeling, Detection, and EnhancementFallatah, Anwar; Dajani, Hilmi
2019-10-07Modelling Resource Configurations in Ict-Enabled Service SystemsXiao, Daoyang; Lessard, Lysanne
2019-10-03Examing the Dynamic Relationship Between Climate Change and Tourism: A Case Study of Churchill's Polar Bear Viewing IndustryD'Souza, Jamie; Dawson, Jackie
2019-10-03Microaggressions: Black Students' Experiences of Racism on CampusAgbaire, Ejiro; Scobie, Willow
2019-10-02Quand de jeunes québécois tournent le dos à l'institution scolaire : entre processus singuliers et facteurs de risque partagésMarcoux, Laurie; Cauchie, Jean-François
2019-10-02Mechanistic and Therapeutic Insights of Macrophage MicroRNA in AtherosclerosisNguyen, My-Anh; Rayner, Katey Jane
2019-10-02Patients’ and Parents’ Perceptions of their Role in the Assessment of Nursing Students’ Pediatric Clinical PracticeBalasa, Rebecca A.; Chartrand, Julie
2019-10-02Discovery and Application of Neoepitopes in an Oncolytic Rhabdovirus Vaccine Approach to Treat Glioblastoma MultiformeJilesen, Zachary Keavin; Stojdl, David