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2019-04-18Spatial Variation in Risk Factors for Malaria in Muleba, TanzaniaThickstun, Charles Russell; Kulkarni, Manisha
2019-04-18“We Require Regeneration Not Rebirth”: Cyborg Regeneration in Feminist Science and Speculative FictionHulan, Michelle; Blair, Jennifer
2019-04-17- Diplôme et Kalashnikov : Les luttes d’influences entre technopols et warlords dans le Libéria post-conflitSauvagnat, Bruno; Vairel, Frédéric
2019-04-17Evaluating Key Informant Perspectives on Inuit Self-Determination and Economic Participation in NunavutLupton, Kathryn Alix Colleen; Dawson, Jackie
2019-04-17La peine carcérale discontinue à l’épreuve de la rationalité pénale moderne : une analyse des motifs juridiques évoqués dans le processus de détermination de la peineMonette, Audrey; Dubé, Richard
2019-04-16Yazdgird I - He Who Maintains Peace in His Dominion: Re-examining the Rise and Fall of Romano-Iranian Relations in the Early Fifth CenturyAmanatidis-Saadé, George; Greatrex, Geoffrey
2019-04-16Evaluating the Effectiveness of Registered Nurse-led Chronic Pain Self-Management Program within a Primary Care FacilityAssefa, Metasebia; Deonandan, Raywat
2019-04-15Wicked Words and Illegal Imaginings: A Genealogy of Obscenity In Which a Criminological Case Study of Fanny Hill Is ConductedPiamonte, Stephanie; Frauley, Jonathan
2019-04-15Blast Retrofit of Unreinforced Masonry Walls Using ECC ShotcreteGandia, Jordan; Aoude, Hassan; Saatcioglu, Murat
2019-04-12Écosystème normatif minier et communautés politiques en Colombie transitionnelleRoy Grégoire, Etienne; Paquerot, Sylvie
2019-04-12Forces and Pressures on Core-Loc Armour Units in Rubble Mound Breakwaters Measured via Instrumented “Smart-Units”Eden, Derek; Nistor, Ioan; Cornett, Andrew
2019-04-12Resonant Light-Matter Interaction for Enhanced Control of Exotic Propagation of LightSafari, Akbar; Boyd, Robert
2019-04-10Celebrating the True North: Canada Day as Part of a Political Master BrandPrno, Justin; Potter, Evan
2019-04-10The Kurdish Diaspora in Canada: A Study of Political Activism and The Uses of the Kurdish LanguageTasdemir, Esengul; Lopez, José
2019-04-09Hydrological Impacts of Irrigation Schemes and Dams Operation in the Upper Niger Basin and Inner Niger Delta.Maiga, Fatoumata; Seidou, Ousmane
2019-04-09Hormonal Regulation of Glucose Kinetics in Rainbow Trout: Effects of Insulin and GlucagonForbes, Johnathon; Weber, Jean-Michel
2019-04-08Rave-o-lution et appareillages de sécurité en Occident : Résonances 24 heuresCastagner, Marc-Olivier; Grondin, David
2019-04-08Characterization of 16S rRNA 3’ Termini Using RNA-Seq DataSilke, Jordan; Xia, Xuhua
2019-04-05Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Fluorogenic, BODIPY-based Probes for Specific Protein Labelling in Live CellsActon, Sydney; Keillor, Jeffrey W.
2019-04-05Three Essays on Global Climate Policy, Environmental R&D, Mergers, and Corporate Social ResponsibilityWang, Chenyu; Shiell, Michael; Atallah, Gamal