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2019-02-15Conditional Differential Expression for Biomarker Discovery In High-throughput Cancer DataWang, Dao Sen; Perkins, Theodore
2019-02-15Ethane Conversion to Ethylene in a Direct Hydrocarbon Fuel CellWurtele, Matthew; Ternan, Marten; St-Amant, Alain
2019-02-14GIS-based Assessment of Debris Flow Susceptibility and Hazard in Mountainous Regions of NepalPaudel, Bhuwani Prasad; Fall, Mamadou; Daneshfar, Bahram
2019-02-12Characterization and Classification of the Frequency Following Response to Vowels at Different Sound Levels in Normal Hearing AdultsHeffernan, Brian; Giguère, Christian; Dajani, Hilmi
2019-02-11Do We See It the Same Way? Event Perception in ADHD: Description and Links to Social ImpairmentsRyan, Julia; Rogers, Maria
2019-02-08Happy Meat as a Passive Revolution: A Gramscian Analysis of Ethical MeatGagnon, Pierre-André; Paterson, Matthew
2019-02-08Bullying Victimization within Friendships: An Individual and Context Sensitive AnalysisBouchard, Karen; Smith, David
2019-02-08The Effect of Metal Solution Contaminants on the Electro-catalyst Activities of Direct Methanol Fuel CellJalil Pour Kivi, Soghra; MacDougall, Barry
2019-02-07“Mighty maiden with a mission”: Navigating the Proto-Feminism of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Princess IdaMcKay, Meaghan; Moore, Christopher Lee
2019-02-07Interpretation of Load Transfer Mechanism for Piles in Unsaturated Expansive SoilsLiu, Yunlong; Vanapalli, Sai
2019-02-07A Non-Uniform User Distribution and its Performance Analysis on K-tier Heterogeneous Cellular Networks Using Stochastic GeometryLi, Chao; Yongacoglu, Abbas M.; D’Amours, Claude Denis
2019-02-07A Phytochemical and Antibacterial Analysis of Echinacea Purpurea (L.) Moench Throughout Seasonal DevelopmentDaley, Elizabeth; Harris, Cory Steven
2019-02-05Configurable Medical Cyber-Physical System Framework for Physical Activity MonitoringArafsha, Faisal; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb
2019-02-05Gestational and Postnatal Exposure to a Contaminant Mixture: Effects on Estrogen Receptor Protein Expression In the Postpartum Maternal BrainKonji, Sandra; Konkle, Teena Marion Anne
2019-02-05Public Policies Enabling Social Impact Investment Funds: Tax-Credits and Cash TransfersCarriere, Brian; Andrew, Caroline
2019-02-01Facebook Usage among Urban Indigenous Youth at Risk in OntarioIntahchomphoo, Channarong; Vellino, André; Gundersen, Odd Erik
2019-02-01La représentation de la violence sexuelle faite aux femmes dans l'oeuvre de Guy de MaupassantDavid, Jean-Lou; Prévost, Maxime
2019-01-30Multimodal Bioinspired Artificial Skin Module for Tactile SensingAlves de Oliveira, Thiago Eustaquio; Petriu, Emil; Cretu, Ana-Maria
2019-01-28Saudi Arabian Women in Medical Education: A Mixed Method Exploration of Emergent Digital LeadershipAlwazzan, Lulu; Milley, Peter
2019-01-28Dissensus and Poetry: The Poet as Activist in Experimental English-Canadian PoetryLeduc, Natalie; Stacey, Robert