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2019-02-22Max Stirner: Ontology, Ethics, PoliticsGuvenc, Deniz Ali Woloshin; Reid, Jeffrey
2019-02-22Translating Le coup de la girafe: A Register Analysis of Fictional OralityKavanagh, Kayla; Charron, Marc
2019-02-21Diplomacy Becomes Them: Mediating Knowledge in Spaces of Conflict ResolutionChristiansen, Poul Erik; Best, Jacqueline; Jones, Peter
2019-02-21Connecting with Adolescent Mothers: Perspectives of Hospital-Based Perinatal NursesQuosdorf, Ashley; Peterson, Wendy Ellen
2019-02-21Late Holocene Environmental Change Across the Canadian ArcticTamo, Camille; Gajewski, Konrad
2019-02-21Mobility-Oriented Data Retrieval for Computation Offloading in Vehicular Edge ComputingSoto Garcia, Victor; Boukerche, Azzedine
2019-02-21Avec ou sans équivalent : le poids de la définition dans une analyse lexicométrique des anglicismes lexicauxPlanchon, Cécile; Quirion, Jean
2019-02-21Dynamic Modelling and Fault Feature Analysis of Gear Tooth Pitting and SpallingLuo, Yang; Baddour, Natalie; Liang, Ming
2019-02-21A QoE Model to Evaluate Semi-Transparent Augmented-Reality SystemZhang, Longyu; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb
2019-02-20De Bruijn Graphs and Lamplighter GroupsAlharthy, Shathaa; Kaimanovich, Vadim
2019-02-20The Semantic Basis for Selectional RestrictionsMelchin, Paul; Truswell, Robert; Mathieu, Éric
2019-02-20Identification of GATA4 Regulatory Mechanisms of Heart Development and DiseaseWhitcomb, Elizabeth Jamieson; Nemer, Mona
2019-02-19Physical Activity in Survivors of Adolescent and Young Adult CancerWurz, Amanda; Brunet, Jennifer
2019-02-15Conditional Differential Expression for Biomarker Discovery In High-throughput Cancer DataWang, Dao Sen; Perkins, Theodore
2019-02-15Ethane Conversion to Ethylene in a Direct Hydrocarbon Fuel CellWurtele, Matthew; Ternan, Marten; St-Amant, Alain
2019-02-14GIS-based Assessment of Debris Flow Susceptibility and Hazard in Mountainous Regions of NepalPaudel, Bhuwani Prasad; Fall, Mamadou; Daneshfar, Bahram
2019-02-12Characterization and Classification of the Frequency Following Response to Vowels at Different Sound Levels in Normal Hearing AdultsHeffernan, Brian; Giguère, Christian; Dajani, Hilmi
2019-02-11Do We See It the Same Way? Event Perception in ADHD: Description and Links to Social ImpairmentsRyan, Julia; Rogers, Maria
2019-02-08Happy Meat as a Passive Revolution: A Gramscian Analysis of Ethical MeatGagnon, Pierre-André; Paterson, Matthew
2019-02-08Bullying Victimization within Friendships: An Individual and Context Sensitive AnalysisBouchard, Karen; Smith, David