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2017Joint Measurements of Complementary Properties of Quantum SystemsThekkadath, Guillaume
2017Exploring the Utility of Cardiorespiratory Fitness as a Population Health Surveillance Indicator for Children and Youth: An International Analysis of Results from the 20 M Shuttle Run TestLang, Justin
2017Characteristics Predictive of Successful Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Outcomes Among Women with Stress Urinary IncontinenceBrooks, Kaylee
2017An In-vivo Analysis of SLMAP Function in the Postnatal Mouse MyocardiumRehmani, Taha
2017Impact of maternal iron deficiency on cortisol levels and auditory brainstem responses in the young and adult guinea pigShero, Nora
2017Digital Signal Processing in Coherent Optical Radio Over Fiber SystemsNabavi, Neda
2017The Proteostasis Function of the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Metacaspase Yca1Shrestha, Amit
2017The Effects of High Glucose Exposure on Endothelial MicroparticlesTurner, Maddison
2017Formage sous vide de renforts textiles de carbone et de verre pour fabrication de pièces composites pour l’aérospatialeGagné, Sébastien
2017Intelligent Stereo Video Monitoring System for Paramedic HelmetLiu, Yang
2017Création et procréation : métaphores chez Hélène Cixous et Nancy HustonVoyer-Léger, Catherine
2017Theory of Image Formation in Non-linear Optical Microscopyvan der Kolk, Jarno Nicolaas
2017Cellulose Nanocrystals: Renewable Property Modifiers for Pressure Sensitive AdhesivesDastjerdi, Zahra
2017“Localisation” and the “Arab Spring”: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Translation-Mediated Arabic News Articles on the Unrest in the Arabic-Speaking World (The Case of Robert Fisk and Al Jazeera)Khidir, Samir
2017High Resolution Stratigraphy of the Lower Silurian (Rhuddanian-Aeronian) Paleotropical Neritic Carbonates, Anticosti Island, QuébecDaoust, Pascale
2017Material Characterization of a Dielectric Elastomer for the Design of a Linear ActuatorHelal, Alexander Tristan
2017Ethnicité, acculturation et santé nutritionnelle d'enfants d'âge scolaire issus de familles immigrantes noires habitant OttawaBlanchet, Rosanne
2017Investigating the Role of the Primary Motor Cortex in the StartReact Effect Using Transcranial Magnetic StimulationSmith, Cora
2017Pollinator-Mediated Interactions Between Alien and Native Plants: Alien Status and Spatial RelationshipsCharlebois, Julia
2017Understanding the Developmental Processes of How Emerging Adults Become Contributing CitizensTaing, Jennifer