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2021-04-19Investigating the Cortical and Subcortical Contributions to Unimanual and Bimanual Wrist ExtensionTeku, Faven; Carlsen, Anthony
2021-04-19The Volatility of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and EthereumGhaiti, Khaoula; Racicot, François-Éric; Saadi, Samir
2021-04-19The Socio-Cultural Dimension of Territory as the Foundation for Participatory Decentralization in Uruguay and ChileKuzma Zabaleta, Claudia Virginia; Haslam, Paul
2021-04-19A Sociocultural Analysis of Korean Sport for International Development InitiativesNa, Dongkyu; Dallaire, Christine
2021-04-16Emergency Nursing and Patient ViolenceBertrand, Allison; Vandyk, Amanda
2021-04-16Law with Heart and Beadwork: Decolonizing Legal Education, Developing Indigenous Legal Pedagogy, and Healing CommunityLussier, Danielle; Lippel, Katherine
2021-04-16Discerning the Influence of Total Body Weight and Pregnancy on the Contribution to Heat BalanceDervis, Sheila; Adamo, Kristi Bree
2021-04-15Enhancing Self-compassion in Athletes: A Feasibility Study of an Online Self-compassion Program for Athlete Mindfulness, Anxiety and PerformanceFlegar, Alaina; Koszycki, Diana
2021-04-15Planning, Promoting and Assessing Social Learning in Sport: A Landscapes of Practice ApproachKraft, Erin; Culver, Diane Mary
2021-04-15Digital Twin Coaching for Edge Computing Using Deep Learning Based 2D Pose EstimationGámez Díaz, Rogelio; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb
2021-04-15Fabrication and Characterization of Double-Walled Microsphere as a Drug Delivery System for Stroke TreatmentZou, Danni; Cao, Xudong
2021-04-15Development of In-situ Nanocrystalline NiCoCrAlTaY Coatings by Cold Spray on a Single-Crystal Nickel-base Superalloy for Gas Turbine ApplicationsGuo, Deliang; Jodoin, Bertrand
2021-04-15An Automated VNF Manager based on Parameterized-Action MDP and Reinforcement LearningLi, Xinrui; Samaan, Nancy A.; Karmouch, Ahmed
2021-04-14Seeding Sustainability Over Extracting Capital: Advancing a Vision for Technology Justice in the Canadian Agri-Food SectorLee, Angela; Collins, Lynda
2021-04-14The Path to a New Awakening: B.R. Ambedkar's Transformation of Buddhist PhilosophyAlamo Santos, Macarena; Sikka, Sonia
2021-04-14Within-Generational Disruption of the Stress Response by Fluoxetine and Other Environmental Contaminants in ZebrafishNozari, Amin; Trudeau, Vance
2021-04-14L'État, les associations et les initiatives citoyennes dans l'accueil et l'accompagnement des demandeurs d'asile : étude de cas du Morbihan en Francede Dianous de La Perrotine, Manon; Abu-Zahra, Nadia; Yaya, Sanni
2021-04-14Function and Dysfunction of Fibrinogen-Like Protein 2 in Reproductive Success and PreeclampsiaRobineau-Charette, Pascale; Vanderhyden, Barbara; Bainbridge-Whiteside, Shannon
2021-04-14Modelling and Pitch Control of a Re-Configurable Unmanned AirshipTuta Navajas, Gilmar; Lanteigne, Eric
2021-04-14The Role of Arm Swing on Dynamic Stability in People with Parkinson’s DiseaseSiragy, Tarique; Nantel, Julie