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2020-01-24Understanding Maternal Care Preferences and Perceptions to Curb Maternal Mortality in Rural AfricaFantaye, Arone; Yaya, Sanni
2020-01-24Systématisation d’une expérience de production participative de savoirs sur le pouvoir d’agir en santé (buccodentaire) avec des femmes sourdes communiquant en français et signeuses en langue des signes québécoise à Gatineau-Ottawa dans une perspective d’éducation populaireAnnous, Rana; Laperrière, Hélène
2020-01-24Modeling Flood Extent of a Large Wetland in a Data-Scarce Region Using Hydrodynamic and Empirical ModelsHaque, Md Mominul; Seidou, Ousmane; Mohammadian, Abdolmajid
2020-01-22Pervaporation Separation of Butanol from Aqueous Solutions Using Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Mixed Matrix MembranesZamani, Ali; Thibault, Jules; Tezel, F. Handan
2020-01-22Evaluation of Lower Limb Muscle Synergies in Paediatric Females with and without ACL InjuriesKemp, Laryssa; Benoit, Daniel
2020-01-22Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solution by Alkaline FiltrationXu, Zitong; Lan, Christopher; Matsuura, Takeshi
2020-01-21Depictions of Asylum Seekers in Canadian MediaMurret-Labarthe, Charlotte; Denis, Claude
2020-01-21Nonlinear Optical Properties of Metal-Dielectric Stacks in their Epsilon-Near-Zero RegimeSuresh, Sisira; Boyd, Robert
2020-01-20Predictive Operational Strategies for Smart Microgrid NetworksOmara, Ahmed Mohamed Elsayed; Kantarci, Burak
2020-01-20L’accommodement en milieu de travail québécois des personnes souffrant d’un problème de santé mentaleLanthier Riopel, Camille; Lippel, Katherine
2020-01-20Improving Immunotherapy Using Vanadium-Based CompoundsBergeron, Anabel; Diallo, Jean-Simon
2020-01-20Users' Perception of Influencers Credibility on Instagram and Their Purchase Intention Regarding Product Recommendations by InfluencersPashaei, Hamid; Morrison, Heather
2020-01-20Real-Time Gesture-Based Posture Control of a ManipulatorPlouffe, Guillaume; Payeur, Pierre; Cretu, Ana-Maria
2020-01-20Quantum Encryption with Certified DeletionIslam, Rabib; Broadbent, Anne
2020-01-17Knowledge-Based Predictive Maintenance for Fleet ManagementKilleen, Patrick; Kiringa, Iluju
2020-01-17Regulation of Neuroblastoma Malignant Properties by Pannexin 1 Channels: Role of Post-Translational Modifications and MutationsHolland, Stephen Henry; Cowan, Kyle
2020-01-17Regularly Varying Time Series with Long Memory: Probabilistic Properties and EstimationBilayi-Biakana, Clémonell Lord Baronat; Kulik, Rafal; Ivanoff, B. Gail
2020-01-17Resource Clogging Attacks in Mobile Crowd-Sensing: AI-based Modeling, Detection and MitigationZhang, Yueqian; Kantarci, Burak
2020-01-17Mapping the Neural Circuits That Modulates the Molecular Switch Between Alternative Interval Timing Behaviours in Drosophila MelanogasterWong, Kyle; Kim, Woo Jae; Beiques, Jean-Claude
2020-01-17Clientélisme et corruption en Tunisie, de Ben Ali à la période contemporaine (1987-2017) : résilience et transformations d’une institution informelleCournoyer Paquin, Bruno; Vairel, Frédéric