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2021-01-19Characterization of Halogen Bonds with Different Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance MethodsXu, Yijue; Bryce, David
2021-01-19Directions d’école catholique de langue française : indicateurs de deux compétences pour la promotion de leurs mandats spécifiquesMaatouk, Ziad; Isabelle, Claire
2021-01-19NGO-School Partnerships & Citizenship EducationMirzayee, Sophia; Maclure, Richard
2021-01-18Caregiver Perceptions of Household Disaster Preparedness Among Immigrant Older AdultsPaik, Karen; O'sullivan, Tracey
2021-01-18Cholesterol Autoxidation Revisited & Mechanistic Insights Into Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reactions to Peroxyl RadicalsZielinski, Zosia Anna Marie; Pratt, Derek
2021-01-18L’art de la résistance: l’expérience de l’opposition au régime canadien des certificats de sécuritéFellahi, Zaynab; Moffette, David
2021-01-18Behaviour of Concrete Shear Walls Reinforced with High-Strength Reinforcement Under Reversed Cyclic LoadingAghniaey, Nima; Saatcioglu, Murat; Aoude, Hassan
2021-01-15Nanofabrication and Surface Characterization for BiosensorsRashid, Sabaa; Berini, Pierre
2021-01-15Metabolomics and Genomics-Driven Genome-Mining in StreptomycesMcFarlane, Richenda; Boddy, Christopher
2021-01-15Photograph Enhancement Via Imitation-to-innovation Training SchemeFeng, Yi; Zhao, Jiying
2021-01-15La coopération internationale en matière de renseignements de sécurité : la rationalité du partage d'avantages relatifs entre les ÉtatsLaflamme, David; Robichaud, David
2021-01-15Exploring Women's Experiences of Infertility, Reproductive Loss, and GriefForgie, Meghan; Vandyk, Amanda
2021-01-14A Class-Conditioned Deep Neural Network to Reconstruct CT Volumes from X-Ray Images: Depth-Aware Connection and Adaptive Feature FusionRatul, Md. Aminur Rab; Lee, WonSook
2021-01-14The Influence of Alternative Materials on Alkali Aggregate Reaction (AAR) Induced Development in ConcreteAntunes, Luan Regis; Sanchez, Leandro
2021-01-14Isolation and Characterization of Bacterial Probiotic Candidates from Chicken Gut with Bacteriocinogenic PropertiesLone, Ayesha; Hammami, Riadh
2021-01-14Development and Validation of a Novel Framework to Study the Neural Basis of Spatial Learning and Navigation in RodentsXu, Jiayun; Maler, Leonard; Beiques, Jean-Claude
2021-01-13Universal Monoidal Categories with DualsPilon, Samuel; Savage, Alistair
2021-01-13Achieving Construction Material Traceability by Leveraging Blockchain TechnologyAlfuhaid, Sofana Abdullah B.; Yeap, Tet
2021-01-12The Challenges of a Changing Communication Landscape: An Examination of Saudi Arabian MediaShawli, Nidaa Khalid; Labasse, Bertrand
2021-01-12Metabolic Rate in Drosophila: Sexual Dimorphism, Natural Selection, and Genetic Covariances with Mass and Locomotor ActivityVidelier, Mathieu; Careau, Vincent; Rundle, Howard