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2018-12-14The Role of Hexokinase II in the Regulation of Glycolysis and Cisplatin Sensitivity in Ovarian CancerHan, Chae Young; Tsang, Benjamin K.
2018-12-14Integration of Droplet Microfluidics with a Nanopore SensorOsman, Enas; Godin, Michel
2018-12-14Perceptions des infirmières manitobaines œuvrant en périnatalité concernant les effets de la colonisation sur les familles autochtones périnatalesCosteux, Anne-Lise; Polomeno, Viola
2018-12-13Predictive Maintenance Framework for a Vehicular IoT Gateway Node Using Active Database RulesButylin, Sergei; Kiringa, Iluju; Yeap, Tet
2018-12-13Automated Risk Management Framework with Application to Big Maritime DataTeske, Alexander; Petriu, Emil; Falcón Martínez, Rafael Jesús
2018-12-13Oxidation State Roulette:Synthesis and Reactivity of Cobalt Complexes Containing SNS LigandsFitchett, Brandon; Baker, R. Tom
2018-12-12The Control of Hydrolysis in Eliminating FFA from Acidic Oils Using CAL-B Lipase Supported on a 2D/3D Nanocatalyst and in a Membrane ReactorZhou, Jiarong; Tremblay, André-Yves
2018-12-12A Machine Learning Method to Improve Non-Contact Heart Rate Monitoring Using RGB CameraGhanadian, Hamideh; Al Osman, Hussein
2018-12-12The Emergence and Evolutionary Fate of DIversity Under Soft and Hard SelectionChen, Patrick; Kassen, Rees
2018-12-12SENS-IT: Semantic Notification of Sensory IoT Data Framework for Smart EnvironmentsAlowaidi, Majed; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb
2018-12-12Silver Nanocomposite Material as Antibacterial Coating on Indwelling Medical Devices-Based BiomaterialsKhatoon, Zohra; Alarcon, Emilio
2018-12-12Healing Sounds: An Anthropology of Music TherapyBérubé, Michelle; Gandsman, Ari
2018-12-12Reactivity of Low-Valent Iron and Cobalt Complexes with FluoroalkenesGhostine, Karine; Baker, R. Tom
2018-12-12Constructing Citizenship Through National Security: An Analysis of Bill C-24 - Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act and Bill C-51 - Anti-Terrorism ActGarneau, Brianna; Nagra, Baljit
2018-12-12Chinese Immigrants’ Fertility Behaviour in CanadaWang, Xiaoxi; Gueye, Abdoulaye
2018-12-10A Notion of Equilibrium in Relational Form Games and PoliticsPâquet, Sylvain; Stockemer, Daniel
2018-12-10Evaluation of Pond/Wetland/Vegetative Filter System to Treat Beef Manure Pile and Outdoor Confinement Area RunoffMejia Franco, Maria Juliana; Kinsley, Christopher; Delatolla, Robert
2018-12-10Savoirs communautaires et expérientiels d'engagements volontaires comme contributions éducatives pour les sciences infirmières : étude de cas d'un organisme communautaire de lutte contre le VIH/sidaZombré, Inès; Laperrière, Hélène
2018-12-10A Comparison of Methods to Quantify Control of the SpineBourdon, Eric; Graham, Ryan
2018-12-10In lak’ech al lak’en « Je suis un autre toi. Tu es mon autre moi » Transnationalisation et mise en scène de l’autochtonie. Ethnographie des renouveaux mayas en perspective multi-située (Mexique, Guatemala, Suisse)Farahmand, Manéli; Beyer, Peter; Becci Terrier, Irene