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2017Bitcoin: Technology, Economics and Business EthicsAljohani, Azizah
2017Nurses Supporting Cancer Survivors with the Self-Management of SymptomsKelly, Freya
2017Development and Testing of Passive Walking Assistive Exoskeleton with Upward Force AssistLovrenovic, Zlatko
2017On Iwase's Construction of a Counterexample to Ganea's ConjectureToupin, Curtis
2017Recovering Not Condemned: The Lived Experience of Baccalaureate Nursing Students with Mental Health ConcernsHust, Carmen
2017Family Farming, Biodiesel and Social Inclusion In Bahia: Assessing Brazil's National Program for the Production and Use of BiodieselMarkarian, Philippe Daniel
2017Les champs-écoles paysans en Afrique subsaharienne : une approche d'analyse des réseaux completsMboka Ingoli, Jean-Claude
2017Fingerprinting the effect of airborne particulate matter via in vitro toxicoproteomicsVuong, Ngoc Quang
2017La justification du récit des climatosceptiques américainsLétourneau, Ryan
2017The Role of Norrie Disease Pseudoglioma (Ndp) in Cerebellar Development/Tumorigenesis and Its Relationship with the Sonic Hedgehog PathwayTokarew, Nicholas
2017La Cour interaméricaine des droits de l'homme: un levier utile de démocratisation dans les Amériques ? Le cas colombienLessard, Geneviève
2017Melanoma Diagnostics Using Fully Convolutional Networks on Whole Slide ImagesPhillips, Adon
2017Interactions between Two Herbivores Introduced as Biocontrol Agents against Invasive Purple LoosestrifeTorreblanca, Marina
2017Le rôle du communicateur municipal non partisan dans l'administration publique municipale au QuébecBober, Magdalena
2017Investigations Into the Effects of Gestational Exposure to Environmental Phthalates on Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes and the Role of Inflammation Biomarkers as Potential MediatorsGo, Jennifer
2017Project Management Practices in Small Projects: 5 cases in a Canadian Hospital SettingJasinska, Monika
2017From Spenders to Savers: Thrift, Saving, and Luxury in Canada during the First World WarMadeleine, Kloske
2017Thailand’s Fisheries Reform: An Analysis of Institutional Responses and Degrees of Social Protection for Migrant WorkersTran, Olivia
2017A Field and Diverse Purposes: Science, Application and Critique in the American Field of International RelationsGrenier, Félix
2017Impunity:In the Search of a Socio-Legal Concept. Elucidations from a State Crime Case StudyUmana, Camilo