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2020-10-16Integrating BIM and Decision-Making System for HVAC Design of Low Rise Green BuildingsYuan, Bohan; Jrade, Ahmad
2020-10-16Gas Membrane Characterization Via the Time-Lag Method for Neat and Mixed-Matrix MembranesWu, Haoyu; Kruczek, Boguslaw; Thibault, Jules
2020-10-16Rethinking Engagement: How Managers Frame and Make Sense of Communication Strategies, Practices, and ChallengesWaldschmidt, Nathalie; Matte, Frédérik
2020-10-16Defined, But Not Confined: Transnationalism, Transcendence, and Exclusion In the Works of Horatio ParkerWillmann, Hannah; Moore, Christopher Lee
2020-10-16Beyond Vice and Decay: Canadian Women’s Organizations and the Technologies of Sex, 1930-1955Tole, Kristen; Couton, Philippe
2020-10-16Influence of Life Events on the Stress Response in Healthy Children and AdolescentsFigueiredo, Danielle; Koszycki, Diana
2020-10-15Analyse stratégique des réformes : le cas de la politique d'éducation inclusive en République de MoldavieUncu, Veronica; Lévesque, Maurice
2020-10-15Supervising Role-Related Self-Compassion: A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Clinical SupervisorsVance, Alex; Theriault, Anne Thérèse
2020-10-14Construction & Evaluation of a Reporter Gene Displaying Aldehydes on the Cell SurfaceWong, Christine; Shuhendler, Adam Jason
2020-10-14The Effects of Impervious Surface Area, Tree Canopy Cover, and Floral Richness on Bee Abundance, Richness, and Diversity Across an Urban LandscapeGerner, Eden; Sargent, Risa
2020-10-14Spirituality and Play: A Social Scientific Examination Focused on ChristiansNienhuis, Carl; Heintzman, Paul A.
2020-10-13Towards a Tweet Analysis System to Study Human Needs During COVID-19 PandemicLong, Zijian; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb
2020-10-13The War on Drugs and Social Policy in Tanzania: Crackdowns, Prohibition and ControlDegenstein, Dane; Brown, Stephen
2020-10-13Efficient Nanostructured Ni-Based Catalysts for Electrochemical Valorization of GlycerolHouache, Mohamed Seif Eddine; Baranova, Olena
2020-10-09Computational Investigations of Earth Viscosity Structure Using Surficial Geophysical Observables Related to Isostatic AdjustmentHill, Alexander Mackay; Milne, Glenn Antony
2020-10-09Fuzzy Logic Based Module-Level Power Electronics for Mitigation of Rapid Cloud Shading in Photovoltaic SystemsBelcher, Rachel Beverly; Hinzer, Karin; Schriemer, Henry
2020-10-08Une analyse sociohistorique de la résistance paysanne de l’Ile-à-Vache (Haïti) face au projet de développement (éco) touristique de l’ÉtatOsna, Walner; Mondain, Nathalie
2020-10-07The Small Worlds of Multiculturalism: Tracing Gradual Policy Change in the Australian and Canadian FederationsBrassard-Dion, Nikola; Karmis, Dimitrios
2020-10-07Nitrifying Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors at Low Temperatures and Cold Shock Conditions: A Kinetic, Biofilm and Microbiome StudyAhmed, Warsama; Delatolla, Robert
2020-10-06Assessing Condition on Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) Affected Recycled ConcreteZhu, Yufeng; Sanchez, Leandro