Prison Pandemic Papers – Nunavut

Title: Prison Pandemic Papers – Nunavut
Authors: Prison Pandemic Partnership
Date: 2022
Abstract: This dataset was collected through Access to Information requests submitted to the Government of Nunavut as part of the "COVID-19: Investigating Canada's Carceral Response to the Coronavirus through the Prison Pandemic Partnership" led by Kevin Walby (Associate Professor, Criminal Justice, University of Winnipeg), Justin Piché (Associate Professor, Criminology, University of Ottawa), and Abby Deshman (Director, Criminal Justice Program, Canadian Civil Liberties Association). Initial triage of this dataset was undertaken by Sarah Speight (PhD Candidate, Geography, University of Ottawa) and Justin Piché.
CollectionCriminologie - Publications // Criminology - Publications
NU 1029-20-JUS1083:1287 records_Comprehensive_March to August 2020.pdfNU 1029-20-JUS1083/1287 - Comprehensive (March to August 2020)10.48 MBAdobe PDFOpen
NU 1029-20-JUS0326:0427:0730 records part I_Labour and Safety.pdfNU 1029-20-JUS0326/0427/0730 - Part I: Labour and Safety15.17 MBAdobe PDFOpen
NU 1029-20-JUS0326:0427:0730 records part II_Labour and Safety.pdfNU 1029-20-JUS0326/0427/0730 - Part II: Labour and Safety12.07 MBAdobe PDFOpen
NU 1029-20-DH2499 records_Health Inspections and Recommendations_March 2020 to January 2021_password is DH_2499_03.pdfNU 1029-20-DH2499 - Health Inspections and Recommendations (March 2020 to January 2021) - password is DH_2499_032.8 MBAdobe PDFOpen
NU 1029-20-DH0943_Inspections-Recommendations-Procedures_February to April 2021.pdfNU 1029-20-DH0943 - Inspections, Recommendations and Procedures (February to April 2021)2.78 MBAdobe PDFOpen
NU 1029-20-JUS0982 records_Briefing Note_September 2020.pdfNU 1029-20-JUS0982 - Briefing Note (September 2020)367.01 kBAdobe PDFOpen

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