Prison Pandemic Papers - Saskatchewan

Title: Prison Pandemic Papers - Saskatchewan
Authors: Prison Pandemic Partnership
Date: 2022
Abstract: This dataset was collected through Access to Information requests submitted to the Government of Saskatchewan as part of the "COVID-19: Investigating Canada's Carceral Response to the Coronavirus through the Prison Pandemic Partnership" led by Kevin Walby (Associate Professor, Criminal Justice, University of Winnipeg), Justin Piché (Associate Professor, Criminology, University of Ottawa), and Abby Deshman (Director, Criminal Justice Program, Canadian Civil Liberties Association). Initial triage of this dataset was undertaken by Sarah Speight (PhD Candidate, Geography, University of Ottawa) and Justin Piché.
CollectionCriminologie - Publications // Criminology - Publications
CP 278-20G records_COVID-19 Response Manuals_March to August 2020.pdfCP 278-20G - COVID-19 Response Manuals (March to August 2020)9.77 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 268-20G records_Protocols_March to August 2020.pdfCP 268-20G - Protocols (March to August 2020)5.62 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 255-20G records_Protocols and Programming_March 2020 to April 2021.pdfCP 255-20G - Protocols and Programming (March 2020 to April 2021)679.02 kBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 277-20G records_PPE Guidelines_February 2021.pdfCP 277-20G - PPE Guidelines (February 2021)2.47 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 247-20G records_Screening_2020.pdfCP 247-20G - Screening (2020)3.55 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 282-20G records_Screening Tool_March to August 2020.pdfCP 282-20G - Screening Tool (March to August 2020)935.96 kBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 290-20G records_Health-Clearning-Distancing Protocols Community Supervision_March to August 2020.pdfCP 290-20G - Health, Cleaning and Distancing Protocols for Community Supervision (March to August 2020)1.94 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 035-21G records_Health Inspections and Recommendations_March 2020 to April 2021.pdfCP 035-21G - Health Inspections and Recommendations (March 2020 to April 2021)2.26 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 037-21G records_Prevention-Management-Treatment Recommendations_March 2020 to April 2021.pdfCP 037-21G - Prevention, Management and Treatment Recommendations (March 2020 to April 2021)11.47 MBAdobe PDFOpen
LRWS 11,12,13-2021G records_Occupational Health and Safety Inspections_February to April 2021.pdfLRWS 11,12,13-2021G - Occupational Health and Safety Inspections (February to April 2021)104.33 kBAdobe PDFOpen
LRWS 44-2020G records_Health and Safety Compliance_December 2020 to February 2021.pdfLRWS 44-2020G - Health and Safety Compliance (December 2020 to February 2021)996.91 kBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 086-21G records_Communitications Community Supervision_October to December 2020.pdfCP 086-21G - Communications: Community Supervision (October to December 2020)3.66 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 270-20G records_Communications to Prisoners_March to August 2020.pdfCP 270-20G - Communications to Prisoners (March to August 2020)3.56 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 274-20G records_Communications to Community Partners_March to August 2020 A.pdfCP 274-20G - Communications to Community Partners (March to August 2020 A)959.39 kBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 296-20G records_Communications to Community Partners_March to August 2020 B.pdfCP 296-20G - Communications to Community Partners (March to August 2020 B)4.2 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 246-20G records_Testing_March to August 2020.pdfCP 246-20G - COVID-19 Testing (March to August 2020)1.11 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 249-20G records_Prisoner Counts by Ethnicity-Gender_January to March 2020.pdfCP 249-20G - Prisoner Counts by Ethnicity and Gender (January to March 2020)1 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 250-20G records_Prisoner Counts by Ethnicity-Gender_March to August 2020.pdfCP 250-20G - Prisoner Counts by Ethnicity and Gender (March to August 2020)691.79 kBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 080-21G records_Prisoner Counts_October to December 2020.pdfCP 080-21G - Prisoner Counts (October to December 2020)715.45 kBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 271-20G records_Grievances by Prisoners - March to December 2020.pdfCP 271-20G - Grievances by Prisoners (March to December 2020)153.67 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 069-21G records_Grievances by Staff_October to December 2020.pdfCP 069-21G - Grievances by Staff (October to December 2020)12.23 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 283-20G records_Daily Counts Probationers_January and February 2020.pdfCP 283-20G - Probationer Counts (January and February 2020)900.01 kBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 284-20G records_Daily Counts Probationers_March to August 2020.pdfCP 284-20G - Probationer Counts (March to August 2020)920.38 kBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 285-20G records_Probation Staff Counts_January and February 2020.pdfCP 285-20G - Probation Staff Counts (January and February 2020)887.57 kBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 286-20G records_Probation Staff Counts_March to August 2020.pdfCP 286-20G - Probation Staff Counts (March to August 2020)894.33 kBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 082-21G records_Probation Staffing Counts_October to December 2020.pdfCP 082-21G - Probation Staffing Counts (October to December 2020)1.65 MBAdobe PDFOpen
CP 088-21G records_Probation Staff Grievances_October to December 2020.pdfCP 088-21G - Probation Staff Grievances (October to December 2020)9.05 MBAdobe PDFOpen

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