Vector Spaces First: An Introduction to Linear Algebra (4th Edition)

Title: Vector Spaces First: An Introduction to Linear Algebra (4th Edition)
Authors: Giordano, Thierry
Jessup, Barry
Nevins, Monica
Date: 2021
Abstract: Created for a first-year university course, this linear algebra textbook takes an unusual approach: it introduces vector spaces at the outset and deals with linear systems only after a thorough introduction to vector spaces. This approach is based on the authors' experience over the past 25 years that students often need more time to master vector spaces while traditional textbooks relegate the topic to the end of the course. In this way, these new notions at the heart of linear algebra that are often considered abstract and difficult in an introductory course can then be used in the rest of the course as well as in different contexts.
CollectionMathématiques et statistiques // Mathematics and Statistics
Ressources éducatives libres (REL) // Open Educational Ressources (OER)

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