Prison Pandemic Papers – British Columbia

Title: Prison Pandemic Papers – British Columbia
Authors: Prison Pandemic Partnership
Date: 2022
Abstract: This dataset was collected through Freedom of Information requests submitted to the Government of British Columbia as part of the "COVID-19: Investigating Canada's Carceral Response to the Coronavirus through the Prison Pandemic Partnership" led by Kevin Walby (Associate Professor, Criminal Justice, University of Winnipeg), Justin Piché (Associate Professor, Criminology, University of Ottawa), and Abby Deshman (Director, Criminal Justice Program, Canadian Civil Liberties Association). Initial triage of this dataset was undertaken by Sarah Speight (PhD Candidate, Geography, University of Ottawa) and Justin Piché.
CollectionCriminologie - Publications // Criminology - Publications
1_PSS-2021-11631 records_Briefing Note and Statistics_March 2020.pdfPSS-2021-11631- Briefing Note and Statistics (March 2020)2.85 MBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-12226_Guidelines for Correctional Centres_April 2020.pdfPSS-2021-12226 - Guidelines for Correctional Centres (April 2020)3.5 MBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-11615 records_Prevention-Management-Treatment Protocols_March 2020.pdfPSS-2021-11615 - Prevention, Management and Treatment Protocols (March 2020)7.37 MBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-11617 records_Health-Cleaning-Distancing Protocols_March 2020.pdfPSS-2021-11617 - Health, Cleaning and Distancing Protocols (March 2020)1.81 MBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-11611 records_Induction Unit and Isolation Guidelines_April 2020.pdfPSS-2021-11611 - Induction Unit and Isolation Guidelines (April 2020)6.75 MBAdobe PDFOpen
F21-0931 records_Health Recommendations and Complaints_March 2020 to January 2021.pdfF21-0931 - Health Recommendations and Complaints (March 2020 to January 2021)11.8 MBAdobe PDFOpen
PSA-2021-10806 records_Labour and Health Inspections-Recommendations-Complaints_March 2020 to January 2021.pdfPSA-2021-10806 - Labour and Health Inspections, Recommendations and Complaints (March 2020 to January 2021)5.88 MBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-12214 records_Tests and Cases_March and April 2020.pdfPSS-2021-12214 - Tests and Cases (March and April 2020)321.32 kBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-11636 records_Use of Force Incidents_March 2020.pdfPSS-2021-11636 - Use of Force Incidents (March 2020)412.47 kBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-12348 records_Segregation and Lockdowns_October to December 2020.pdfPSS-2021-12348 - Segregation and Lockdowns (October to December 2020)7.28 MBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-12298 records_Hunger Strikes-Protests-Count Refusals_October to December 2020.pdfPSS-2021-12298 - Hunger Strikes-Protests-Count Refusals (October to December 2020)303.66 kBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-10542 records_Labour and Health Inspections-Recommendations-Complaints_March 2020 to January 2021.pdfPSS-2021-10542 - Labour and Health Inspections, Recommendations and Complaints (March 2020 to January 2021)15.65 MBAdobe PDFOpen
PSA-2021-11952 records_Labour and Workplace Safety Complaints_January to April 2021.pdfPSA-2021-11952 - Labour and Workplace Safety Complaints (January to April 2021)774.84 kBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-11958 records_Vaccination_February to April 2021.pdfPSS-2021-11958 - Vaccination (February to April 2021)994.68 kBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-11637 records_Staff Counts_March 2020.pdfPSS-2021-11637 - Staff Counts (March 2020)634.98 kBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-12184 records_Staff Counts_October to December 2020.pdfPSS-2021-12184 - Staff Counts (October to December 2020)37.76 kBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-11643 records_Staff Emails and Memos_March 2020.pdfPSS-2021-11643 - Staff Emails and Memos (March 2020)3.32 MBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-10875_Staff Memos_March to August 2020.pdfPSS-2021-10875 - Staff Memos (March to August 2020)3.4 MBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-12213 records_Presentations and Complaints FRCC_October to December 2020.pdfPSS-2021-12213 - Presentations and Complaints FRCC (October to December 2020)20.14 MBAdobe PDFOpen
PSS-2021-11621 records_Access to Justice_March 2020.pdfPSS-2021-11621 records_Access to Justice_March 2020652.06 kBAdobe PDFOpen
MAG-2021-11634-23_Written Response with Links on Crown Guidance_March 2020.pdfMAG-2021-11634-23 - Written Response with Links on Crown Guidance (March 2020)241.18 kBAdobe PDFOpen
MAG-2021-10140-05_Written Response with Links on Crown Guidance_March to August 2020.pdfMAG-2021-10140-05 - Written Response with Links on Crown Guidance (March to August 2020)209.64 kBAdobe PDFOpen
1_PSS-2021-11640 records_Probationer Counts_March 2020.pdfPSS-2021-11640 - Probationer Counts (March 2020)67.54 kBAdobe PDFOpen
2_PSS-2021-12232 records_Probationer and Probation Staff Counts_October to December 2020.pdfPSS-2021-12232 - Probationer and Probation Staff Counts (October to December 2020)777.51 kBAdobe PDFOpen
3_PSS-2021-12329 records_Probationer Count Totals_October to December 2020.pdfPSS-2021-12329 - Probationer Count Totals (October to December 2020)162.39 kBAdobe PDFOpen
4_PSS-2021-11860 records_Probationer Counts_March 2021.pdfPSS-2021-11860 - Probationer Counts (March 2021)667.23 kBAdobe PDFOpen
5_PSS-2021-11639_Written Response on Temporary Absences_March 2020.pdfPSS-2021-11639 - Written Response on Temporary Absences (March 2020)181.31 kBAdobe PDFOpen
6_PSS-2021-12293 records_Memos on Community Supervision_October and November 2020 A.pdfPSS-2021-12293 - Memos on Community Supervision (October and November 2020 A)565.44 kBAdobe PDFOpen
7_PSS-2021-12231 records_Memos on Community Supervision_October and November 2020 B.pdfPSS-2021-12231 - Memos on Community Supervision (October and November 2020 B)1.24 MBAdobe PDFOpen
8_PSS-2021-11641 records_Community Supervision Meeting Protocols_no date.pdfPSS-2021-11641 - Community Supervision Meeting Protocols (no date)2.62 MBAdobe PDFOpen

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