Creating an Audit and Feedback Loop to Monitor and Enhance Data Sharing in Canada

Title: Creating an Audit and Feedback Loop to Monitor and Enhance Data Sharing in Canada
Authors: Tayler, Felicity
Moher, David
Cobey, Kelly
Date: 2020
Abstract: Submitted to the NDRIO: Call for white papers on Canada’s future DRI ecosystem, 14 December 2020: Data sharing is an integral part of open scholarship and research integrity (i.e., trustworthiness of research). Canada is embracing data sharing practice and will roll out data management mandates in the near future. The success of these policies can be assured if discipline specific training in data sharing is provided, local infrastructure is created, and a data sharing dashboard is created (and assessed) to monitor the implementation of data sharing practices. Such actions will place Canada at the top of the innovation and global leadership list. NDRIO is perfectly positioned to play a central role to enable these activities. This white paper makes the following recommendations: • That NDRIO initiate a funding competition open to the researcher community to create a dashboard to monitor data sharing and other open scholarship practices. • That a parallel to funding competition be created to for researchers to initiate discipline specific national training resources.
DOI: 10.20381/s9px-zq30
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