Canonical Considerations in Pastoral Care of Persons in Marriages Between Roman Catholics and Buddhists in Thailand

Title: Canonical Considerations in Pastoral Care of Persons in Marriages Between Roman Catholics and Buddhists in Thailand
Authors: Boonphao, Prajak
Date: 2020-11-16
Abstract: Marriage is an institution based on natural law. Every person has the natural right to marriage which is, however, affected by cultural and social conditions. The pastors of the Church, therefore, have to make every effort to understand the particularity of situations within which marriage and family are lived today and respond accordingly through their pastoral action. Thailand is considered a Buddhist country due to the fact that the vast majority of its population is Buddhist. Most marriages celebrated in the Catholic Church are non-sacramental because a Buddhist is the spouse of the Catholic party. Canon 1086 of the 1983 Code states that due to the impediment of disparity of worship, a marriage between a person who was baptized in the Catholic Church or received into it and a non-baptized person is invalid. A dispensation from this impediment must be granted by the competent authority in order for the union to be valid. The conditions stated in cc. 1125–1126 must be taken into account for a dispensation to be granted. The thesis identifies the actual pastoral problems faced by persons in marriages with the disparity of worship and canonical questions faced by Church authorities; it also proposes canonical-pastoral responses to such cases. The first chapter explains in a systematic way the magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage in the modern world and the pertinent norms of the Code of Canon Law. Chapter Two is devoted to a brief study of the Buddhist teaching on marriage and of the Thai civil marriage laws. A comparison between the Catholic and the Buddhist understanding of marriage is presented in its conclusion. Chapter Three analyzes the principles governing marriage according to the 1983 Code of Canon Law, with comparison to the 1917 Code as needed. This chapter focuses especially on interreligious marriage. Chapter Four deals with the pastoral care of those Catholics who enter marriage with Buddhists in Thailand. Marriage preparation programs, the pre-marital investigation, the obligations of the Catholic party in a mixed marriage along with concrete pastoral solutions are given attention in this chapter.
CollectionThèses Saint-Paul // Saint Paul Theses
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