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2017-03-23A review of the use of knee bracing after ACL injury in the pediatric populationDaniel, Ryan; Benoit, Daniel
2017-03-23Understanding the Interactions between Immune Cells and Mammary Tissue in Pre-Cancerous BRCA1 Mutation CarriersDinh, Tri; Pratt, Christine; Cabrita, Miguel A.
2017-03-23Anemia at Diagnosis of Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)Rhee, Glara Gaeun; Mack, David
2017-03-23Effects of single prolonged stress exposure on dopamine-related behavioursHamwi, Milad; Merali, Dr. Zulfiquar
2017-03-23The impact of iron status during pregnancy on the newborn's auditory functionsDjeffal, Sabrina; Fontaine-Bisson, Dr. Bénédicte
2017-03-23Role of the age adjusted D-dimer in suspected deep venous thrombosisPatrick, Sean; Thiruganasambandamoorthy, Dr. Venkatesh
2017-03-23Environmental distribution of genes for type II polyketidebiosynthesis pathwaysFortin, Anne-Marie; Boddy, Christopher N.
2017-03-23Investigating the binding of Amino-alkyl-phosphate ions in the gas phaseDumais, Jean-Philippe; Mayer, Dr. Paul M.
2017-03-23Stable Ca isotopes track bone metabolismGertsman, Shira; Cornett, Dr. Jack
2017-03-23Designing a variable partially-polarizing beamsplitterCarlson, Nathan J.; Lundeen, Dr. Jeff
2017-03-23Software application for biomedical purposesStein, Gabriel Benjamin; Bolic, Dr. Miodrag
2017-03-23Assessing the availability of abortion care in New BrunswickLavigne, Valérie; Foster, Angel
2017-03-23Investigation of the uncharacterized ‘glue’ that holds bone togetherRastogi, Neelabh; Omelon, Dr. Sidney
2017-03-23Les besoins d'apprentissage chez les préceptrices francophones en sciences infirmières: Une étude piloteDagenais, Gabrielle; Lalonde, Michelle
2017-03-23Effect of secretogranin-II knockout on pheromone perception and reproduction in zebrafish Danio rerioLanga, Navpreet; Trudeau, Vance
2017-03-23Isolation of bovine and human milk-derived exosomes: optimization of methodsZukowski, Andrea; Altosaar, Dr. Illimar
2017-03-23Low feelings of parental self-efficacy associated with parental ADHD symptomologyPerreault, Alisha; Rogers, Maria; Kosmerly, Stacey
2017-03-23Development and Characterization of a newly constructed cytokine producing oncolytic virusFukano, Marina; Kennedy, Michael A.; Auer, Rebecca C.
2017-03-23Combined EEG Monitoring in High-Risk Critically Ill Neonated: A Pilot StudyButtle, Sarah Grace; Pohl, Daniela
2017-03-23Assessing health care providers' approach to discussing weight management options in multidisciplinary primary care clinics in OntarioEdmonds, Danielle; Bourgeault, Ivy; Aboueid, Stephanie