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23-Mar-2017Stable Ca isotopes track bone metabolismGertsman, Shira
23-Mar-2017Designing a variable partially-polarizing beamsplitterCarlson, Nathan J.
23-Mar-2017Software application for biomedical purposesStein, Gabriel Benjamin
23-Mar-2017Assessing the availability of abortion care in New BrunswickLavigne, Valérie
23-Mar-2017Investigation of the uncharacterized ‘glue’ that holds bone togetherRastogi, Neelabh
23-Mar-2017Les besoins d'apprentissage chez les préceptrices francophones en sciences infirmières: Une étude piloteDagenais, Gabrielle
23-Mar-2017Effect of secretogranin-II knockout on pheromone perception and reproduction in zebrafish Danio rerioLanga, Navpreet
23-Mar-2017Isolation of bovine and human milk-derived exosomes: optimization of methodsZukowski, Andrea
23-Mar-2017Low feelings of parental self-efficacy associated with parental ADHD symptomologyPerreault, Alisha
23-Mar-2017Development and Characterization of a newly constructed cytokine producing oncolytic virusFukano, Marina
23-Mar-2017Combined EEG Monitoring in High-Risk Critically Ill Neonated: A Pilot StudyButtle, Sarah Grace
23-Mar-2017Assessing health care providers' approach to discussing weight management options in multidisciplinary primary care clinics in OntarioEdmonds, Danielle
23-Mar-2017Disponibilité de ressources sur Internet pour les parents d’enfant hospitalisé dans les centres pédiatriques canadiensPelletier, Karina
23-Mar-2017Facial Resemblance of Children to ParentsGhebrial, Marina
23-Mar-2017Study and implementation of Streitberg- Röhmel “shift” algorithm in RBelhouari, Setti
23-Mar-2017Identification of risk factors in the pre-hospital setting for short term serious adverse events among syncope patientsYau, Lawrence
23-Mar-2017Paracrine engineering of cardiac stem cells using non-viral somatic gene transferYeuchyk, Tatsiana
23-Mar-2017Low Cement Content Concrete (LCCC) as a Sustainable Solution for Civil IndustryAbu Shammeh, Sami
23-Mar-2017Chasing the truth: magnitude, frequency, and possible effects of macroeconomic data revisions on monetary policySahmoudi, Atae
23-Mar-2017Mechanical Properties in Radial Bones of Polypterus senegalusKazi, Sakib