Historical map digitization in libraries: Collaborative approaches for large map series

Title: Historical map digitization in libraries: Collaborative approaches for large map series
Authors: Simpkin, Sarah
Brodeur, Jason
Woods, Cheryl
Leahey, Amber
Beard, Colleen
Janzen, Sharon
Date: 2016-03
Abstract: Academic libraries are playing a role in the digitization of Canadian government documents, but maps tend to be excluded from these activities due to their unique dimensions and display requirements. Using a topographic map digitization project as a case study, this paper presents a collaborative approach to map scanning, georeferencing, and metadata creation across several Ontario universities. Collectively, the 21 institutions making up the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) possess and maintain large volumes of Canadian topographic maps. However, few OCUL universities hold complete sets of these map series. While the Canadian government’s most recent topographic maps are now available online, older editions of these maps have not been digitized. This project, currently underway at several participating universities, will enable us to share digital versions of some of our most-requested historical map series with the public at large.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/34810
CollectionBibliothèque - Publications // Library - Publications
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