SU(2)-Irreducibly Covariant Quantum Channels and Some Applications

Title: SU(2)-Irreducibly Covariant Quantum Channels and Some Applications
Authors: AL Nuwairan, Muneerah
Date: 2015
Abstract: In this thesis, we introduce EPOSIC channels, a class of SU(2) -covariant quantum channels. For each of them, we give a Stinespring representation, a Kraus representation, its Choi matrix, a complementary channel, and its dual map. We show that these channels are the extreme points of all SU(2) -irreducibly covariant channels. As an application of these channels to the theory of quantum information, we study the minimal output entropy of EPOSIC channels, and show that a large class of these channels is a potential example of violating the well-known problem, the additivity problem. We determine the cases where their minimal output entropy is not zero, and obtain some partial results on the fulfillment of their entanglement breaking property. We find a bound of the minimal output entropy of the tensor product of two SU(2) -irreducibly covariant channels. We also get an example of a positive map that is not completely positive.
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