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This collection contains the abstracts and posters describing original research conducted by the undergraduate students of the 4th year Epidemiology classes of the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences.

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5-Dec-2015Effect of music therapy on symptoms of depression in elderly patients with Alzheimer's diseaseHafizi, Deba; Warsame, Habon; Temkit, Maha; Doan, Christina
2014Investigating the potential link between statins and new-onset diabetes mellitusIbrahim, Salma
26-Nov-2016A Structured Review on the Effect of Music Therapy on the Development of Preterm BabiesAraya, Alexandra; Ekanem, Edidiong; Obembe, Tomi; Ongolo-Zogo, Clémence
11-Mar-2016Arm-Trunk Coordination during Virtual Reality Training.Ongolo Zogo, Clémence; Legendre, Martin; Robb, Trevor; Sheehy, Lisa
10-Apr-2017Influence of VN foam liner density on impact attenuation of an ice hockey helmetMeehan, Andrew
26-Nov-2016Comparing the Effectiveness of Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) and Medical Management in end-stage Heart FailureKhalaf, Malak; Amjed, Nida
26-Nov-2016Probiotics in Pregnancy: Are Probiotics Preventative Against Infantile and Childhood Atopic Dermatitis?Qureshi, Muhammad; Ismayilova, Miya; Lee, Justin; Lao, Jeffrey
Nov-2016HIV/AIDS The Silent Epidemic Plaguing Canada's Aboriginal PopulationMarval-Peck, Luisa; Young, Kendra; Alyosious, Lareinaa; Grant, Alyssa
26-Nov-2016Probiotics for the Prevention of CDAD: an idea to flush down the toilet?Sauvé, Emmanuelle; Moussa, Lana; Pozzenbo, Alex; Lefebvre, François
26-Nov-2016Is Vitamin D Deficiency Associated with an Increased Risk of Alzheimer's Disease in the Elderly?Saad, Mysa; Koya, Charita
26-Nov-2016Exclusive Breastfeeding: A Potential Protective Factor for Childhood Obesity?Lin, Jenny; Mielczarek, Julia
26-Nov-2016Are contraceptives causing the bedroom blues? The effect of contraceptive implants on sexual desire in womenArmstrong, Katrina; Tessier, Zoë
26-Nov-2016Warfarin versus Dabigatran: the Superior OptionEl Balaa, Aya; Castonguay, Krista
26-Nov-2016A Matter of Life or Death: a review of the evidence supporting an association between social capital and rates of suicide in Canadian Inuit communitiesKemp, Beverly; McRae, Katelyn
26-Nov-2016Animal Assisted Therapy: An Effective Solution for Symptoms of Dementia in Institutionalized Elderly PatientsAshley, Peter; Eriksson, Jennifer; Jeon, Ashley
26-Nov-2016Bump and Sleep: How Sexual Intercouse Can Improve Sleep of Women with InsomniaKhodr, Amy; Awada, Caroline; Mohammed, Massoot; Najjar, Reabal
26-Nov-2016Phytoestrogens in soy: a tentative protective factor against breast cancerZuljevic, Gloria; O'Brien, Serena
26-Nov-2016The Role of Vitamin D Deficiency in African American Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)Zuljevic, Matea; Ensan, Donna; Handulle, Imaan
26-Nov-2016Potential health effects of amalgam fillings: a structured literature reviewGhandour, Lina; Hafizi, Khadeeja; Kichil, Fazliha; Uran, Seyma
26-Nov-2016Exposure to air pollution and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)Farah, Haweya; Nawaz, Marium; Sabra, Roa