Noninvasive Detection of Central Venous Waveform Using Photoplethysmography

Title: Noninvasive Detection of Central Venous Waveform Using Photoplethysmography
Authors: Aniagyei-Mensah, Gideon
Date: 2014-03-27
Abstract: Information about the central venous pressure is important in evaluating several clinical conditions including cardiac failure and volume overload. The jugular veins serve as a primary route for the indirect estimation of the central venous pressure or waveform. The conventional methods for acquiring the central venous pressure in these veins have been through neck visualization and the insertion of catheters. Even though these procedures are effective if done properly, they have various downsides such as being invasive, inaccurate and time consuming. In this research, a sensor is proposed for the noninvasive detection of central venous waveforms within the jugular veins. The sensor is a reflectance configured probe which utilizes laser based on the photoplethysmography principle. The effectiveness of the sensor was tested in-vitro using a mock circulatory loop and was also tested on a single human subject. The results from the tests indicated a very good sensor response in estimating pressure waveforms.
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