Can we Dance Samba? The Rise of Brazil and the Implications for Canada.

Title: Can we Dance Samba? The Rise of Brazil and the Implications for Canada.
Authors: Páez, Luisa Fernanda
Date: 2012
Abstract: Brazil is now an industrial giant, an agricultural powerhouse, and a leader in renewable energies and offshore oil drilling. These changes have drastically shaped the profile and identity of Brazil in the last twenty years. The economic and geo-political prominence of this 6th largest world economy translates into a leadership position for Brazil in South America and in the world. This awakening to Brazil’s global rise has come as a late recognition in Canada. We have just started establishing an equal and stronger engagement with South America’s giant and we face heightened competition from other partners. Despite having important ties and commonalities with Brazil, we are far from having developed the access and presence in the country that our interests demand. There is much awareness and work to be done among decision-makers and the general public in Canada on the opportunities to be reaped from Brazil’s ascendance. We should intensify strategic partnerships with Brazil, but can we dance samba? This paper argues that it is not an impossible task to build bolder relations if Canada is able to understand how Brazil wants to grow the relationship and makes a concerted effort to respond to those mutual interests. Canada cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity as its global influence declines in this rebalanced world.
CollectionAffaires publiques et internationales - Mémoires // Public and International Affairs - Research Papers
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