Towards a Formal Total Synthesis of Triptolide Via a Gold-catalyzed Cyclization Cascade

Title: Towards a Formal Total Synthesis of Triptolide Via a Gold-catalyzed Cyclization Cascade
Authors: Schwantje, Travis R.
Date: 2013
Abstract: This thesis discusses the progress made towards a formal total synthesis of triptolide, a naturally occurring diterpenoid triepoxide molecule. Isolated from a Chinese vine, triptolide features some interesting structural characteristics and has demonstrated a broad range of interesting medicinal effects. It has demonstrated remarkable cytotoxicity against a number of cancer cell lines, immunosuppressive activity, and reversible male sterility. This biological activity has made it a target of a number of total syntheses spanning from 1980 to 2010. Gold-catalyzed transformations are an emerging field in synthetic organic chemistry, but their efficacy and potential uses are gaining much recognition among the synthetic organic community. Our research group is extremely interested in the applications of such gold-catalyzed organic transformations in natural product synthesis. Here, we discuss our investigations towards accessing the tetracyclic core of triptolide using a gold-catalyzed cyclization cascade reaction. We explored a number of synthetic routes towards a common linear precursor, and our successes and failures are discussed herein. We also report numerous unsuccessful efforts towards an oxidative gold-catalyzed cyclization cascade to form the tetracyclic core of triptolide. Finally, we investigated the use of a photocatalytic radical cyclization cascade to access the desired core. We report some promising preliminary results, and this study is ongoing in the Barriault group.
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