Improved Sampling-based Alpha Matting in Images and Video

Title: Improved Sampling-based Alpha Matting in Images and Video
Authors: Hao, Chengcheng
Date: 2012
Abstract: Foreground extraction technology plays an important role in image and video processing tasks. It has been widely used in various industries. To better describe the overlap relationship between foreground and background, alpha channel is introduced. It reveals the opacity property of foreground objects. Thus, fully extracting a foreground object requires determining the alpha values for pixels, also known as extracting an alpha matte. In this thesis, we propose an improved sampling-based alpha matting algorithm, which is capable of generating high quality matting results. By analyzing the weakness of previous approaches, we optimize the sampling process and consider the cost of each sample pair to avoid missing any good samples. The good performance is demonstrated even for complex images. On the other hand, extracting foreground objects from video sequences is a more challenging task since it has higher demands on accuracy and efficiency. Previous approaches usually require a significant amount of user input and the results still suffer from inaccuracy. In this thesis, we successfully extend our algorithm to video sequences and let it run in an automatic fashion. Adaptive trimap, which is vital for matting, can be automatically generated and properly propagated in this system. Our method not only reduces the user interference but also guarantees the matting quality.
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