Premonoidal *-Categories and Algebraic Quantum Field Theory

Title: Premonoidal *-Categories and Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
Authors: Comeau, Marc A
Date: 2012
Abstract: Algebraic Quantum Field Theory (AQFT) is a mathematically rigorous framework that was developed to model the interaction of quantum mechanics and relativity. In AQFT, quantum mechanics is modelled by C*-algebras of observables and relativity is usually modelled in Minkowski space. In this thesis we will consider a generalization of AQFT which was inspired by the work of Abramsky and Coecke on abstract quantum mechanics [1, 2]. In their work, Abramsky and Coecke develop a categorical framework that captures many of the essential features of finite-dimensional quantum mechanics. In our setting we develop a categorified version of AQFT, which we call premonoidal C*-quantum field theory, and in the process we establish many analogues of classical results from AQFT. Along the way we also exhibit a number of new concepts, such as a von Neumann category, and prove several properties they possess. We also establish some results that could lead to proving a premonoidal version of the classical Doplicher-Roberts theorem, and conjecture a possible solution to constructing a fibre-functor. Lastly we look at two variations on AQFT in which a causal order on double cones in Minkowski space is considered.
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