Threshold logic functions.

Title: Threshold logic functions.
Authors: Yue, C. K.
Date: 1963
Abstract: Threshold logic elements are a new type of multi-input switching components in computer technology. They are more general than "and" or "or" gates. The output of a threshold element is 1, if and only if the weighted sum of its inputs equals or exceeds a threshold, otherwise the output is 0. Boolean functions which are realizable by such an element are called threshold functions. The analysts and synthesis of threshold functions, and the decomposition of threshold functions are the extension of logic theory which deal with the threshold elements in the same way as switching theory treats the conventional gates. An introduction to threshold logic functions is given in chapter 1. Chapters 2 and 3 which concern with the properties and synthesis of threshold logic functions are the results of a general survey. The method of decomposition of threshold functions given in chapter 4 was developed independently.
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