Managing software development knowledge: A conceptually-oriented software engineering environment (COSEE).

Title: Managing software development knowledge: A conceptually-oriented software engineering environment (COSEE).
Authors: Ghali, Nagi.
Date: 1993
Abstract: Software development, especially for large and complex systems, has long been recognized as a difficult and expensive process. Major software development problems (such as insufficient reuse of software, inadequate machine assistance for software developers, uncoordinated tools, excessive time spent during the maintenance phase, and poor documentation) have not yet been properly addressed. Most current software development environments do not provide satisfactory solutions for these problems. In our research, we investigated these problems and we will suggest a solution that will help to eliminate some of them. We built an environment called COSEE (Conceptually-Oriented Software Engineering Environment), on top of a knowledge management system (CODE). In COSEE, we captured three most important types of knowledge needed by software developers/maintainers: domain knowledge, design knowledge, and implementation knowledge. We dynamically linked COSEE to the programming environment (Smalltalk-80) to create a unified knowledge management system for software development. We used the object-oriented approach as our design methodology and Smalltalk-80 as our implementation language. We illustrated our approach using the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) example.
CollectionTh├Ęses, 1910 - 2010 // Theses, 1910 - 2010
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