A systematic examination of portfolio assessment to promote teacher professional growth.

Title: A systematic examination of portfolio assessment to promote teacher professional growth.
Authors: Sutherland, Stephanie D.
Date: 1998
Abstract: The portfolio has been cited as a vehicle to promote ongoing reflective thought by the individual. The practice of self-analysis is deemed to provide the opportunity to assess one's own strengths and weaknesses through the examination of work samples as well as to get feedback on one's performance from others. The focus of this study is to closely examine portfolio assessment as an innovative strategy to promote professional growth and development among teachers. Researching the literature on teaching portfolios, one finds relatively few articles describing the process currently used. Due to the fact this is an innovative strategy, the topic is not clearly defined, nor is there a body of empirical research on the subject. The empirical studies located tended to focus on the portfolio process, neglecting both the conditions and consequences. This research, although only a first try, will help to provide the needed inquiry into this promising strategy, thereby making a contribution to the scarcity of empirical research. The present study is exploratory in nature and employs a qualitative orientation to data collection. Further, it is guided by a conceptual framework, highlighting the conditions, process and impacts of the portfolio process. A framework was utilized to provide some structure but allowing for emergent themes and unanticipated consequences. This is a single case study (school) in which data was collected from seven participants (teachers, administrators). This school had been experimenting with teaching portfolios for the past three years. The focus for the portfolios was to promote professional growth among the teaching staff. The findings and limitations of the present study are discussed in addition to the challenges and possible directions for future research.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/4337
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