Les femmes dans l'histoire de la traduction : de la Renaissance au XIXe siècle : domaine français.

Title: Les femmes dans l'histoire de la traduction : de la Renaissance au XIXe siècle : domaine français.
Authors: Sirois, Andrée.
Date: 1997
Abstract: Motivated by the apparent absence of women in the history of translation, this study was undertaken both as a first step towards recognition of the women in this profession and their role in its history, and as a "tool" for subsequent research in this largely unexplored field. The first chapter provides an overview of the issue: although women were active in translation prior to the twentieth century, these women are not known today and are for the most part completely absent from material dealing with the history of translation. The methodology used to bring these translators to light is also presented in this chapter. The seventy-four women identified in this research as translators who worked towards French are introduced in chapter two. Some biographical details and a short list of works they translated are provided for each. The third chapter focuses on the life and work of four women translators who played a significant role in the history of translation: Anne de Marquets (religion--sixteenth century), Emilie du Chatelet (science--eighteenth century), Albertine Necker de Saussure (literature--early nineteenth century), and Clemence Royer (science--late nineteenth century). The thesis concludes with a synthesis and an analysis of the findings and of the conclusions drawn from these findings. Finally, an appendix containing a list of women translators who have worked towards languages other than French, an index of the women translators mentioned in the thesis, and a bibliography of works cited and consulted represent the "practical" aspect of this study. This information is intended as a starting point for researchers interested in studying French women translators in more detail or in defining the role of women in the field of translation over a given period. It may also be used for research on women who have translated towards languages other than French.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/4272
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