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2022Reproductive Rights and Oppression in Marge Piercy's UtopiaAzzi, Amanda
2022Adapting to Life in America: Cultural Loss in the Thing Around your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieIfeoluwa Mary, Amusan
2022Étude des oeuvres de Kent Monkman dans le contexte de la révolution culturelle canadienneFlann, Derek
2022Biology Wafts: Heterotopic Space and the Posthuman in Anicka Yi's WorksRamlochan, Janine
2022Performing the Imagined Nation Through Female Bodies in The Circus (1936)Cybanski, Kara
2022Le refus de l'interpellation comme acte de résistance culturelle dans le poème Speak White de Michèle LalondeTremblay, Natasha
2022Ozeki's A Tale for the Time Being: The Value of Heritage Through Private WritingsCisneros, Pamela
2022Giving Voice to the Multifarious Immigrant Experience: Gender Inequality and U.S. Immigrant Multilingualism in Norte by Edmundo Paz Soldán and its English Translation by Valerie MilesRoche, Abigail
2021À la guerre, le silence est d‘or Une analyse comparative de La guerre n‘a pas un visage de femme (1985) et de Les Cercueils de zinc (1989) de Svetlana AlexievitchCouture, Dominic
2021Prismatic Intersectionalities: An Ecocritical Negotiation of Oppositional Utopias in L'AmantAluma-Baigent, Alia
2021Otsuka‘s The Buddha in the Attic: The Japanese American Immigrant Experience and Racial Prejudice in the U.S.Cisneros, Pamela
2021Subverting Feminine Identity: Reinvention of Sailor Moon‘s Girl Power in Violet EvergardenAzzi, Amanda
2021The Jewish "Other" in Ivo Andrić‘s The Bridge on the DrinaAzoulay, Stephanie
2021Self-Representation in the Contact Zone: An Autoethnographic Reading of The ConscriptHughes Waldick, Zoë
2021Reshaping Womanhood: Lesbian Realities in The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe HallCybanski, Kara
2021Interrogating the Metaphor of Madness and the Migratory Process in Said El Kadaoui‘s Límites y FronterasBowie, Katherine
2021CONFETTI Volume 7 : A World Literatures and Cultures Journal / Un journal de littératures et cultures du mondeCybanski, Kara; Guerrero, Jorge Carlos
2018CONFETTI Volume 4 : A World Literatures and Cultures Journal / Un journal de littératures et cultures du mondeGood, Rebecca; Mucha, Matthew
2018Textual Quilting and Subversive Re(-)Collection: War & Feminine Discourse in Svetlana Alexievich’s The Unwomanly Face of WarMucha, Matthew
2018‘A Rose for Emily’: The Dichotomy of a RoseSchweizer, Justine