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2018CONFETTI Volume 4 : A World Literatures and Cultures Journal / Un journal de littératures et cultures du mondeGood, Rebecca; Mucha, Matthew
2018Textual Quilting and Subversive Re(-)Collection: War & Feminine Discourse in Svetlana Alexievich’s The Unwomanly Face of WarMucha, Matthew
2018‘A Rose for Emily’: The Dichotomy of a RoseSchweizer, Justine
2018Narcissism and Cultural Liberation: A Textual and Cultural Analysis of Carol Shields’ ‘Mirrors.’Good, Rebecca
2018L’Autre japonaise vue par l‘industrie musicale américaine : Appropriation vocale et mutismeCross, Geneviève
2018Analysing Elfriede Jelinek’s The Piano Teacher: The Layers of Erika’s MasochismYucel, Ecem
2018Qamani’tuacAuclair, Raymond
2018Double Happiness and the Pin: Landscapes of Cultural Change and Spatial Instability IntroductionDroppo, Leah
2016An ‘Innocent’ Desire: Food in Günter Grass’s The Tin DrumNiemann, Alicia
2016Father, Where Are You Going: The Image of Father in Ōe Kenzaburo's Short StoriesZiye, Ren
2016It’s Official: Maori – The ‘Indigenous’ Official Language of New ZealandNanditha, Narayanamoorthy
2016La représentation spatio-temporel d’un Berlin mélancolique dans Les Ailes du désirAllard, Marie-Catherine
2016AQUA VITAE, AQUA MORTIS: Le système atemporel de l’eau dans l’œuvre Watermark de Joseph BrodskyDauvois, Violène
2016A Self Multiplied: Culture and Identity in Relation to Place in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth and Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s ChildrenSahouli, Myriem Nadia
2016Twenty Sonnets to Mary Queen of Scots: Eternity, Death, and Parallels Between Joseph Brodsky and Mary Queen of ScotsLeake, Alessandra
2016Pendant que…Bissonnette, Line C.
2016Confetti: A World Literatures and Cultures Journal / Un journal de littératures et cultures du mondeNiemann, Alicia; Allard, Marie-Catherine
2017Longing for Belonging: Transculturality and Identity in Two North American NovelsTabler, Zac
2017Third World Women or the Struggles of a Feminist Identity in Development: Female Characters in Khaled Hosseini’s Novel A Thousand Splendid SunsNemeth-Kilinc, Orsolya
2017L’arbreshe : une langue minoritaire d’Italie méridionaleFortunato, Eliana