Data citation: APA 7 style guide, 2nd ed.

Title: Data citation: APA 7 style guide, 2nd ed.
Authors: Mowers, Susan
El Hofi, Alain
Date: 2020
Abstract: Use this guide and easily cite Statistics Canada public use microdata from any time you analyse, use or communicate about the data or data materials. Benefits of data citation, include, 1) to ensure your readers can find and understand your data sources, and 2) to improve trust in, and the accountability of, your research results or data adaptations! This guide uses the American Psychological Association citation style 7th edition (or APA 7). You may adapt these APA 7 Style examples to other citation styles by consulting those styles and e.g.,this guide, Swaen, B. (2020, April 23). Citation Styles Guide: Which Citation Style Should You Use?
DOI: 10.20381/bxr8-v639
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