Mobile Tablet-Based Stroke Rehabilitation in the Acute Care Setting

Title: Mobile Tablet-Based Stroke Rehabilitation in the Acute Care Setting
Authors: Pugliese, Michael
Date: 2017
Abstract: Introduction: The number of stroke survivors living with post-stroke deficits is increasing worldwide. Although stroke rehabilitation can improve these deficits and promote the recovery of function when initiated early post-stroke, many survivors are not able to access rehabilitation because of a lack of resources. Early mobile tablet-based stroke rehabilitation may be a feasible means of improving access to recovery promoting therapies. Objective: To summarize and advance the knowledge of early mobile tablet-based therapies (MTBTs) for stroke survivors with regards to feasibility and barriers to care. Methods: This thesis is comprised of two major studies. (1) A scoping review summarizing the literature for MTBTs following stroke. (2) A cohort study testing the feasibility of a MTBT for post-stroke communication, cognitive, and fine-motor deficits. Results: (1) Twenty-three studies of MTBTs following stroke were identified. Most of these therapies targeted communication or fine-motor deficits, and involved patients in the chronic stages of stroke. Barriers to care were summarized. (2) A 48% recruitment rate was achieved and therapy was administered a median of four days post-stroke. However, therapy adherence was very low because of frequently encountered barriers to care. Conclusions: Stroke survivors are interested in using tablet technology to assist with their post-stroke recovery. However, early MTBT post-stroke may be challenging for some survivors because of encountered barriers to care. Regular patient-therapist communication using a convenient method of interaction appears necessary to minimize barriers and to help patients overcome barriers when they occur.
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