Aspects of Isotropy in Small Categories

Title: Aspects of Isotropy in Small Categories
Authors: Khan, Sakif
Date: 2017
Abstract: In the paper \cite{FHS12}, the authors announce the discovery of an invariant for Grothendieck toposes which they call the isotropy group of a topos. Roughly speaking, the isotropy group of a topos carries algebraic data in a way reminiscent of how the subobject classifier carries spatial data. Much as we like to compute invariants of spaces in algebraic topology, we would like to have tools to calculate invariants of toposes in category theory. More precisely, we wish to be in possession of theorems which tell us how to go about computing (higher) isotropy groups of various toposes. As it turns out, computation of isotropy groups in toposes can often be reduced to questions at the level of small categories and it is therefore interesting to try and see how isotropy behaves with respect to standard constructions on categories. We aim to provide a summary of progress made towards this goal, including results on various commutation properties of higher isotropy quotients with colimits and the way isotropy quotients interact with categories collaged together via certain nice kinds of profunctors. The latter should be thought of as an analogy for the Seifert-van Kampen theorem, which allows computation of fundamental groups of spaces in terms of fundamental groups of smaller subspaces.
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