Development of Recombinant Human Collagen Type I and Type III Injectable Hydrogels for Cardiac Therapy

Title: Development of Recombinant Human Collagen Type I and Type III Injectable Hydrogels for Cardiac Therapy
Authors: Podrebarac, James
Date: 2017
Abstract: Functional biomaterials are being developed as scaffolds to support endogenous cells and to promote the regeneration of ischemic tissue. The aim for this study was to develop a new translational platform for injectable hydrogels using recombinant human collagen (rHC) of two types: type I (TI) and type III (TIII). The collagen solutions were characterized to ensure batch-to-batch consistency and protein integrity. The hydrogel preparation protocol was extensively monitored to ensure ease of use and high-quality production. Post-gelation, rHC TIII have a higher viscosity compared to rHC TI, yet water content was high for both hydrogels. The cross-linking degree is similar for both rHC hydrogels, which are stable well above physiological temperatures, but rHC TI is more susceptible to enzymatic degradation than rHC TIII. Furthermore, the micro-architecture differed with pore size dimensions of rHC TIII being significantly larger than that of rHC TI. Cardiac fibroblasts were cultured on the rHC hydrogels, and cells attached readily to the scaffold environment, which promoted proliferation. The rHC matrices mechanical and biological properties provide structural support, and demonstrate biodegradability and biocompatibility. The intrinsic physical differences between the rHC hydrogels will likely have implications in future studies. In conclusion, the rHC TI and TIII hydrogels are proven to be suitable matrices for continued investigation towards future translational applications.
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