A Framework for Virtual Patient Navigation Applications

Title: A Framework for Virtual Patient Navigation Applications
Authors: Chandhoke, Gursimran Singh
Date: 2017
Abstract: According to the Canadian Cancer Society, half of Ontario’s population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Many patients being assessed for cancer however become overwhelmed when having to manage information overload, many appointments with different instructions and locations, and recommendations on how to improve their lifestyle. This causes much anxiety and uncertainty among patients. Some cancer assessment clinics offer some guidance in the form of paper-based patient navigators, which provide much reliable information to patients but are limited in terms of dynamic updates to appointments, opportunities for sharing knowledge between healthcare providers and patients, and of patients supporting each other. This thesis proposes a new web-based, mobile, and user-friendly virtual patient navigator application framework named Care Ami, which incorporates the information found in an existing paper-based navigator along with the new features such as remote updates to personal care paths and calendars, personalized navigation guidance, sharing of symptoms/medications information, and peer group support. Unlike existing solutions, Care Ami is configurable to support multiple types of diseases (e.g., lung cancer and breast cancer). This application is evaluated through testing and the usage of heuristic evaluation guidelines related to usability, and a comparison with related work highlights its many benefits.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/36031
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