Persistence in Engaging in Formal Mindfulness Practice

Title: Persistence in Engaging in Formal Mindfulness Practice
Authors: Khazraei, Narges
Date: 2017
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to explore individuals’ experience with persistence in maintaining a regular practice of formal mindfulness. Employing a hermeneutic phenomenological approach, the main findings derived from in-depth semi-structured interviews with five mindfulness practitioners. Other sources included the pre-interview questionnaire, which asked for experience with mindfulness, field notes, a reflective journal, and feedback from the participants (member-check). Twenty-two codes were identified through the process of thematic data analysis. After grouping them based on relevance, seven themes emerged: (a) Creating appropriate conditions to practice, (b) flexibility in practice, (c) reaching out, (d) developing and maintaining habits, (e) living the teachings of mindfulness, (f) motivated to experience benefits, and (g) learning from lived experience. All codes and themes were related to both sources of motivation and actions taken by participants associated with persistence in maintaining a regular practice of formal mindfulness. The findings of this study have implications for psychotherapists and counsellors who want to incorporate mindfulness into their therapy practice. They contribute ideas for drawing on mindfulness as a self-care practice, and also for enhancing the therapeutic relationship with clients. The study also contributes useful ideas for mindfulness instructors in supporting their trainees in maintaining a continuous and regular practice following a mindfulness program.
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