Localization and Terminometrics: Measuring the Impact of User Involvement on Terminology

Title: Localization and Terminometrics: Measuring the Impact of User Involvement on Terminology
Authors: Bilgen, Baris
Date: 2016
Abstract: Online collaborative translation has received increased attention from Translation Studies, mostly with a focus on explaining the various models it exhibits and the factors that shape these models. This study takes a new perspective on this phenomenon by focusing on its outcome through the lens of terminology. A terminometric analysis is carried out on the terminology used in the discussions of Francophone users on online forums of the Ubuntu-Québec open-source software community. The implantation of terms used in the forums and those stored in a selection of major term banks is examined with the objective of identifying potential correlations between term implantation and term formation patterns. The examination indicates that most terms formed through the use and modification of existing linguistic resources have higher implantation rates than terms formed through the creation of new lexical items. A new avenue of terminometric research is introduced by shifting the focus from the institution to the community, aligning with the global shift in content production and distribution. The study provides insight into online collaboration in the context of localization and points out correlations between term formation patterns and term implantation. These observations can mark a starting point for terminological decision-making that is informed by user behaviour and may thus improve the reception of localized content by adapting to users' terminological expectations.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/35591
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