Fine-Grained, Unsupervised, Context-based Change Detection and Adaptation for Evolving Categorical Data

Title: Fine-Grained, Unsupervised, Context-based Change Detection and Adaptation for Evolving Categorical Data
Authors: D'Ettorre, Sarah
Date: 2016
Abstract: Concept drift detection, the identfication of changes in data distributions in streams, is critical to understanding the mechanics of data generating processes and ensuring that data models remain representative through time [2]. Many change detection methods utilize statistical techniques that take numerical data as input. However, many applications produce data streams containing categorical attributes. In this context, numerical statistical methods are unavailable, and different approaches are required. Common solutions use error monitoring, assuming that fluctuations in the error measures of a learning system correspond to concept drift [4]. There has been very little research, though, on context-based concept drift detection in categorical streams. This approach observes changes in the actual data distribution and is less popular due to the challenges associated with categorical data analysis. However, context-based change detection is arguably more informative as it is data-driven, and more widely applicable in that it can function in an unsupervised setting [4]. This study offers a contribution to this gap in the research by proposing a novel context-based change detection and adaptation algorithm for categorical data, namely Fine-Grained Change Detection in Categorical Data Streams (FG-CDCStream). This unsupervised method exploits elements of ensemble learning, a technique whereby decisions are made according to the majority vote of a set of models representing different random subspaces of the data [5]. These ideas are applied to a set of concept drift detector objects and merged with concepts from a recent, state-of-the-art, context-based change detection algorithm, the so-called Change Detection in Categorical Data Streams (CDCStream) [4]. FG-CDCStream is proposed as an extension of the batch-based CDCStream, providing instance-by-instance analysis and improving its change detection capabilities especially in data streams containing abrupt changes or a combination of abrupt and gradual changes. FG-CDCStream also enhances the adaptation strategy of CDCStream producing more representative post-change models.
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