Towards a Cloud-based Data Analysis and Visualization System

Title: Towards a Cloud-based Data Analysis and Visualization System
Authors: Li, Zhongli
Date: 2016
Abstract: In recent years, increasing attentions are paid on developing exceptional technologies for efficiently processing massive collection of heterogeneous data generated by different kinds of sensors. While we have observed great successes of utilizing big data in many innovative applications, the need on integrating information poses new challenges caused by the heterogeneity of the data. In this thesis, we target at geo-tagged data, and propose a cloud based platform named City Digital Pulse (CDP), where a unified mechanism and extensible architecture are provided to facilitate the various aspects in big data analysis, ranging from data acquisition to data visualization. We instantiate the proposed system using multi-model data collected from two social platforms, Twitter and Instagram, which include plenty of geo-tagged messages. Data analysis is performed to detect human affections from the user uploaded content. The emotional information in big social data can be uncovered by using a multi-dimension visualization interface, based on which users can easily grasp the evolving of human affective status within a given geographical area, and interact with the system. This offers costless opportunities to improve the decision making in many critical areas. Both the proposed architecture and algorithm are empirically demonstrated to be able to achieve real-time big data analysis.
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