Molecular Phylogeny of Poa L. sensu lato (Poaceae) with a Focus on West Asian Species

Title: Molecular Phylogeny of Poa L. sensu lato (Poaceae) with a Focus on West Asian Species
Authors: Amiri, Neda
Date: 2016
Abstract: Poa L., is known as a highly diverse cosmopolitan genus with taxonomic difficulties that includes unknown species and species with uncertain affinities mainly in West Asia and North Africa. Poa also exhibits a close relationship with two West Asian genera, Eremopoa Roshev. and Oreopoa H. Scholz & Parolly. This study was conducted to: 1) fill the gap of information on the affinities between Poa species with an emphasis on West Asian Poa; 2) revise and evaluate the accuracy of traditional infrageneric classification of West Asian Poa; and 3) clarify the relationship between Poa and two allied genera of Poaceae Barnhart, Eremopoa and Oreopoa. DNA molecular evidence from present phylogenetic analyses of West Asian species of Poa, Eremopoa and Oreopoa, resulted in some great findings as follow: I) Poa caucasica Trin., which is currently assigned to subsection Nivicolae of section Poa from subgenus Poa resolved as a unique new distinct lineage within Poa. II), New treatments are suggested for Poa densa Troitsky, Poa masenderana Freyn & Sint., Poa cenisia All., Poa psychrophila Boiss. & Heldr. and Poa lipskyi. III) Three unclassified species of Poa pseudobulbosa, Poa diversifolia and Poa aitchisonii are assigned here to subgenus Poa and supersection Poa. IV), The present molecular evidence supports inclusion of Eremopoa in Poa and confirms reduction of Eremopoa to a level of subgenus of Poa. V) Present phylogenetic analyses also indicate that monotypic genus Oreopoa H. Scholz & Parolly is part of Poa. These findings require an urgent modification in subgeneric and sectional classification of the genus Poa.
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