RF Front-End Design for X Band using 0.15µm GaN HEMT Technology

Title: RF Front-End Design for X Band using 0.15µm GaN HEMT Technology
Authors: Saha, Sumit
Date: 2016
Abstract: The primary reason for the wireless technology evolution is towards building capacity and obtaining higher data rates. Enclosed locations, densely populated campus, indoor offices, and device-to-device communication will require radios that need to operate at data rates up to 10 Gbps. In the next few years, a new generation of communication systems would emerge to better handle the ever-increasing demand for much wider bandwidth requirements. Simultaneously, key factors such as size, cost, and energy consumption play a distinctive role towards shaping the success of future wireless technologies. In the perspective of 3GPP 5G next generation wireless communication systems, the X band was explicitly targeted with a vast range of applications in point to point radio, point to multi point radio, test equipment, sensors and future wireless communication. An X-band RF front-end circuit for next generation wireless network applications is presented in this work. It details the design of a low noise amplifier and a power amplifier for X band operation. The designed amplifiers were integrated with a wideband single-pole-double-throw switch to achieve an overall front-end structure for 10 GHz. The design was carried out and sent for fabrication using a GaN 0.15µm process provided by NRC, a novel design kit. Due to higher breakdown voltage, high power density, high efficiency, high linearity and better noise performance, GaN HEMTs are a suitable choice for future wireless communication. Thus, the assumption is to further explore capabilities of this process in front-end design for future wireless communications.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/34622
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