Charging and Discharging Algorithms for Electric Vehicles in Smart Grid Environment

Title: Charging and Discharging Algorithms for Electric Vehicles in Smart Grid Environment
Authors: Aloqaily, Osama
Date: 2016
Abstract: Power demands will increase day-by-day because of widely adopting of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) in the world and growing population. Finding and managing additional power resources for upcoming demands is a challenge. Renewable power is one of the alternatives. However, to manage and control renewable resources, we need suitable Energy Storage System (ESS). PEVs have a large battery pack that is used mainly to supply electric motor. Moreover, PEV battery could be used as an ESS to store power at a certain time and use it at another time. Nevertheless, it can play the same role with electric power grids, so it can store power at a time and return it at another time. This role might help the grid to meet the growing demands. In this thesis, we propose a charging and discharging coordination algorithm that effectively addresses the problem of power demand on peak time using the PEV’s batteries as a backup power storage, namely, Flexible Charging and Discharging (FCD) algorithm. The FCD algorithm aims to manage high power demands at peak times using Vehicle to Home (V2H) technologies in Smart Grid and PEV’s batteries. Intensive computer simulation is used to test FCD algorithm. The FCD algorithm shows a significant reduction in power demands and total cost, in proportion to two other algorithms, without affecting the performance of the PEV or the flexibility of PEV owner’s trip schedule.
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