Bridging the Gap – A Grounded Theory of Cancer Coaching Experiences

Title: Bridging the Gap – A Grounded Theory of Cancer Coaching Experiences
Authors: Simard, Sarah-Nicole
Date: 2016
Abstract: Cancer incidence is increasing and so are survival rates. The aftermath of cancer includes multi-dimensional and long-lasting effects that prevent individuals from recovering and re-integrating into their daily routines. Cancer systems attend to patients during diagnosis and treatment, but often fall short in providing continuity of care afterward. This results in a considerable number of individuals living with the effects of cancer, with little support care. While there are evidence-based recommendations to improve follow-up cancer care, the extent to which they have been implemented remains unknown. To support the needs of cancer survivors The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation developed a Cancer Coaching Program (CCP). As life and health coaching interventions have been shown to benefit this population, this study aimed to explore the impacts of the CCP on the lives of cancer survivors. Using a grounded theory approach, the experiences of (n=12) cancer survivors who had previously participated in the program were explored, to create an explanatory model. Descriptive results depicted various beneficial outcomes to participating in the CCP. The dominant role of the CCP is to support survivors by “bridging the gap” to survivorship, through tailored coaching services. This study provides insight into the mechanisms that work for this cancer coaching program, which may be helpful for other programs exploring strategies to assist this population.
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