The Impact of Social Networks on Consumer Trust in Small E-Businesses

Title: The Impact of Social Networks on Consumer Trust in Small E-Businesses
Authors: Hamoud, Naseem
Date: 2016
Abstract: The overall purpose of this study is to determine the impact of social media on customer trust in small e-businesses. In addition, this research study seeks to find answers in particular on the level of improvement or enhancement, if any, that the use of social media has on consumer trust. Trust is an essential aspect in any business regardless of its size. Trust is what drives customers to purchase vendor products and services. In this digital age, small e-businesses are selling their products online. However, the lack of trust has been a major concern and a contributing factor to small businesses’ failures. This research uses a mixed-methods research design, utilizing two different approaches both qualitative and quantitative methods used alongside of each other. The first part of our findings presents the qualitative results from the interviews with a number of small e-businesses owners, and the second part shows the quantitative results from online surveys with the consumers. With the analysis of the two components of the study based on the results from the responses of the small e-business owners and the online consumers, we can infer that social media marketing has indeed greatly affected and changed the present small e-businesses trends. Our findings indicate that social media is at the present used as a trustworthy reference to gather information about the products and services of small e-businesses. The power of social media has also allowed customers and small e-businesses owners to build relationships and establish trust from their constant communication.
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