Mega Event Organizing Committees: Investment in Anti-Doping Personnel

Title: Mega Event Organizing Committees: Investment in Anti-Doping Personnel
Authors: Koop, Matthew
Date: 2016
Abstract: Peer reviewed literature currently provides little knowledge of how to recruit and train Doping Control Officers (DCOs) for Mega Sport Events. This study adds to the existing body of literature on creating knowledge transfer and legacy for future Mega Event Organizing Committees. A phenomenological designed study was conducted through the use of a qualitative on-line survey during the 2015 Toronto Pan American Games. A survey response rate of 58% was achieved. Survey responses by DCOs were analyzed using inductive coding to identify four main themes; i) DCO motivations, ii) training program design, iii) engagement and support, and iv) barriers to participation in the results. Recommendations include using mixed methods for future studies, provide DCOs with training and evaluation opportunities prior to the Mega Sport Event, and developing mentorship opportunities during games operations. Additional research is needed to create greater understanding of DCO motivations and perceptions beyond this study.
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