Accessing Mental Health Care in the Canadian Armed Forces: Soldiers’ Stories

Title: Accessing Mental Health Care in the Canadian Armed Forces: Soldiers’ Stories
Authors: Compton, Lisa Ann
Date: 2016
Abstract: Background: Recent Canadian Armed Forces operations involved multiple deployments and exposure to traumatic events that are associated with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and substance abuse. Despite efforts to facilitate mental health care, some soldiers do not get the help they need. Objective: To understand soldiers’ experiences and explore barriers and facilitators they encountered accessing mental health care. Results: Qualitative descriptive interviews with 11 Canadian Armed Forces members revealed six major categories that provide insights into their experiences accessing mental health care. Participants’ revealed significant barriers to care including fear of damaging their career or being released, stigma beliefs and actions from peers and leaders, and physical and organizational barriers to care. Social support from family, military co-workers, and unit leaders facilitated care. Conclusions: Notwithstanding efforts to facilitate access to mental health care, some soldiers still perceive significant barriers to care.
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