Seis personajes en busca de un actor

Title: Seis personajes en busca de un actor
Authors: Hrynyak, Anastasiya
Date: 2016
Abstract: The modern critics offer two different approaches regarding characterization in Golden Age Spanish theatre. The first approached, used by the majority of literary critics, consists in assuming that that the reader has to discover something that is hidden in the text. According to this approach, stage characters are creations of the author who, like a great architect, produces personalities that the reader has to discover. On the other hand, there are critics who claim that the characters have to be constructed by the reader. (José María Ruano de la Haza, Víctor Dixon). The main goal of my thesis is to elaborate a methodology for the constriction of dramatic characters and apply it to the six “prototypical” characters described in the classic study by Juana de José Prades.
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