Le grand salon

Title: Le grand salon
Authors: Vallières-Lepage, Florence
Date: 2015
Abstract: The Secret Society of Montreal Oculists 1. Our earliest records of their activities date back to the spring of 1898 with the birth of Lambert. Coincidentally, that spring saw the most destructive flood the settlement had ever known. Lambert was immediately inducted into the Society by his mother, Mme Lepage, who practiced capnomancy and kept a pair of female Dobermans in the basement of the family home. On May 10th, 1994, when Lambert was five years old and despite his mother’s recommendations, he opened his eyes during the solar eclipse, burning them instantly. From the smoke, Mme Lepage divined a future flood that would engulf the mountain. 2. A narrative device. 3. LE GRAND SALON, wherein the Society ritualistically performed Lambert’s demise at each partial solar eclipse, staring at the skies until they could see no more. Presented here is the facsimile of such a ritual, including an Oculists statuary.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/32853
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