Magnetic Rendering: Magnetic Field Control for Haptic Interaction

Title: Magnetic Rendering: Magnetic Field Control for Haptic Interaction
Authors: Zhang, Qi
Date: 2015
Abstract: As a solution to mid-air haptic actuation with strong and continuous tactile force, Magnetic Rendering is presented as an intuitive haptic display method applying an electromagnet array to produce a magnetic field in mid-air where the force field can be felt as magnetic repulsive force exerted on the hand through the attached magnet discs. The magnetic field is generated by a specifically designed electromagnet array driven by direct current. By attaching small magnet discs on the hand, the tactile sensation can be perceived by the user. This method can provide a strong tactile force on multiple points covering user’s hand and avoid cumbersome attachments with wires, thus it is suitable for a co-located visual and haptic display. In my work, the detailed design of the electromagnet array for haptic rendering purposes is introduced, which is modelled and tested using Finite Element Method simulations. The model is characterized mathematically, and three methods for controlling the magnetic field are applied accordingly: direct control, system identification and adaptive control. The performance of the simulated model is evaluated in terms of magnetic field distribution, force strength, operation distance and force stiffness. The control algorithms are implemented and tested on a 3-by-3 and a 15-by-15 model, respectively. Simulations are performed on a 15-by-15 model to generate a haptic human face, which results in a smooth force field and accurate force exertion on the control points.
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