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2018Vultum Dei Quaerere and the Cloister of Religious Institutes: The Canonical Development of Papal, Constitutional, and Monastic Enclosure from the Pio-Benedictine Code until the PresentMaroney, Nicolas
2018Le secret des délibérations du jury et du conclaveCamirand, Daniel
2018The entrustment of Parishes to religious institutes an examination of canons 520 and 678Wallace, Martin Joseph
2018Canonical aspects of the relationship between the patriarch and the synod of bishops in a patriarchal churchSalamy, James
2018Arriving at the juridic status of the priestly fraternity of Saint Pius XLessard-Thiboderau, Fr. John G.
2018The right to administrative justice in religious institutesGlyn SJ, Justin E.A.
2018Alienation of temporal goods of suppressed religious houses and institutes: canons 584 and 616 of the code of canon lawOlegario, Claudia
2018Le suicide assisté (euthanasie) et le droit aux sacrements de l'eucharistie (viatique), de la pénitence et de l'onction des maladesCharbonneau, Louise
2017-11-14The Current Juridic and Moral Value of the Index of Forbidden BooksPillari, Anthony
2017-11-14Le Cardinal J.A. Malula et les ministères laïcs : le fondement juridique des bakambiNtumba Dipa, Dieudonne
2017-11-14The Proper Law of an Institute of Consecrated Life in the Latin Church: A Consideration of C. 587 CICCampion, Eleanor
2017-11-14Ascription and Transfer CCEO Canons 35 and 32 and the Fundamental Conflicts Related to Ecclesial MembershipCaridi, Gregory
2016The Obligation of the Christian Faithful to Maintain Ecclesial Communion with Particular Reference to Ordinatio SacerdotalisBrennan, Cecilia
2016L’obligation pastorale de l’évêque/éparque à l’égard des fidèles catholiques d’une autre église SUI IURIS selon les canons 383, § 2 CIC et 193, § 1 CCEOWehbi, Makarios