Knowledge Translation of Economic Evaluations and Network Meta-Analyses

Title: Knowledge Translation of Economic Evaluations and Network Meta-Analyses
Authors: Sullivan, Shannon
Date: 2015
Abstract: Economic evaluations and network meta-analyses (NMAs) are complex methodologies. Increasing their transparency and accessibility could enhance confidence in the legitimacy of policy decisions informed by these analyses. Four systematic reviews were conducted to understand policymakers’ informational needs and to determine what guidance researchers have on how to present economic evaluations and NMAs. Qualitative interviews were conducted with Canadian policymakers, i.e., knowledge users, to understand barriers and facilitators to using and communicating economic evaluations and NMAs and with individuals in international health technology assessment organizations, i.e. knowledge producers, to explore current approaches to communicating economic evaluations and NMAs. A toolkit for NMAs and economic evaluations was proposed based on an integrated review of these findings and guided by the Knowledge-to-Action framework. Examples of tools were developed and applied to an economic evaluation and NMA of osteoporosis therapies. Systematic reviews and qualitative interviews found that communication approaches that provide robust content, identify contextual factors relevant to policy decisions and enhance clarity were valued. Twelve tools were proposed that enhance communication, education and access to resources for policymakers. Two of these tools were developed: Economic Guidance for Researchers and NMA Guidance for Researchers.
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