Energy Consumption Modeling in Wireless Sensor Networked Smart Homes

Title: Energy Consumption Modeling in Wireless Sensor Networked Smart Homes
Authors: Xie, Wang
Date: 2015
Abstract: Smart home automation is the dwelling bridge of smart grid technology, as it integrates the modern home appliances power consumption information over communication networks in the smart grid system. Among all the appliances, Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) systems is one of the most primary concerns. Since a great amount of power consumption is contributed by these HVAC systems. Traditionally, HVAC systems run at a fixed schedule without automatic monitoring and control systems, which causes load variation, fluctuations in the electricity demand and inefficient utility operation. In this thesis, we propose a Finite State Machine (FSM) system to model the air condition working status to acquire the relationship between temperature changing and cooling/heating duration. Finally, we introduce the Zigbee communciation protocol into the model, the performance analysis of the impact of end-to-end delay over HVAC systems is presented.
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