Phenotypical and Functional Characterization of Polarized Human Macrophages

Title: Phenotypical and Functional Characterization of Polarized Human Macrophages
Authors: Iqbal, Salma
Date: 2015
Abstract: Macrophages can be polarized into M1 and M2 macrophages based on the composition of the milieu. Human macrophages have been poorly characterized. In this study, various macrophage subsets were generated by treating monocyte-derived macrophages (MDMs) with IFNγ (M1), IL-4 (M2a), LPS and IL-1β (M2b) or IL-10 (M2c) which were characterized with respect to their cell surface marker profile and functional profile in the context of cytokine production, susceptibility to HIV infection and apoptosis. Each polarization state demonstrated a unique cell surface marker profile and cytokine profile. In addition M1 macrophages were shown to produce IFNγ post TLR stimulation. Moreover, M1 macrophages were highly sensitive to apoptosis following Smac mimetic treatment. Furthermore, M2a and M2c macrophages were resistant to apoptosis, induced by PI3K blockage and IAPs degradation respectively, and at the same time supported productive HIV infection unlike the other macrophage subsets. These findings might lead to better understanding of HIV reservoir formation and be used to develop therapies to eradicate it.
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