The Use of Items Personality Profiles in Recommender Systems

Title: The Use of Items Personality Profiles in Recommender Systems
Authors: Alharthi, Haifa
Date: 2015
Abstract: Due to the growth of online shopping and services, various types of products can be recommended to an individual. After reviewing the current methods for cross-domain recommendations, we believe that there is a need to make different types of recommendations by relying on a common base, and that it is better to depend on a target customer’s information when building the base, because the customer is the one common element in all the purchases. Therefore, we suggest a recommender system (RS) that develops a personality profile for each product, and represents items by an aggregated vector of personality features of the people who have liked the items. We investigate two ways to build personality profiles for items (IPPs). The first way is called average-based IPPs, which represents each item with five attributes that reflect the average Big Five Personality values of the users who like it. The second way is named proportion-based IPPs, which consists of 15 attributes that aggregate the number of fans who have high, average and low Big Five values. The system functions like an item-based collaborative filtering recommender; that is, it recommends items similar to those the user liked. Our system demonstrates the highest recommendation quality in providing cross-domain recommendations, compared to traditional item-based collaborative filtering systems and content-based recommenders.
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