Understanding Variability in Modern Cross-Border Shopping Occasions

Title: Understanding Variability in Modern Cross-Border Shopping Occasions
Authors: Lever, Michael
Date: 2014
Abstract: Throughout history, consumers have crossed borders for various purposes. The emergence of e-commerce and digital technologies has made it easier than ever for people to shop online with merchants across the world. The purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate the variations of cross-border shopping motivations, the changes that occur due to advancements in various technologies, and the spatial patterns and mapped occasions that appear from each cross-border shopping episode. A qualitative, ethnographic approach has been used, and provides a detailed examination of the contemporary cross-border shopping landscape. Findings assist in developing this framework, after conducting detailed participant observation and interviews. The results indicate a range of variability stemming from generational, social, and personal differences, along with technological drivers of change. Trajectories of cross-border shopping occasions and a network model of modern cross-border shopping occasions are provided and detailed. Implications and future research are also discussed.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/31849
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