Knowledge Management in Collaborative Environment and Service Oriented Organizations

Title: Knowledge Management in Collaborative Environment and Service Oriented Organizations
Authors: Alaieri, Fahad
Date: 2014
Abstract: In this research, we propose a knowledge management architecture in a collaborative environment and service oriented organization. The architecture contains five components, including partners, knowledge bases, portals, pipes, and cloud. Each segment of knowledge which is created in partners’ portals will be displayed in the cloud. The cloud contains knowledge from portals. Portals and the cloud will be linked by a specific type of connections (pipes), which presents the knowledge to the cloud without copying them. We implement the proposed architecture online to prove its validity. The prototype that we examine has three partners including finance, insurance, and transportation. Each partner creates knowledge by using its portal and saving it in its own knowledge base (KB). Likewise, each partner has an access to other partners’ portals to ask questions or perform inquiries. The answered questions are saved in the KBs and displayed in the cloud. For implementation, we use Joomla as CMS portals, K2 as KB in each portal, Yahoo Pipes as connections between the portals and the cloud. Finally, the cloud is a webpage that displays knowledge from different portals. We demonstrate that the proposed architecture facilitates sharing knowledge among the partners in the VO, and prevents knowledge duplications in different KBs. Moreover, we could move the stored knowledge from KB to another by using backup feature the CMS portal if any partner want to leave or the VO decides to terminate.
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