Perceptions of Characteristics of Potential Adopters of Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia

Title: Perceptions of Characteristics of Potential Adopters of Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia
Authors: Ahmed, Sadrudin A.
Shawli, Nidaa
Date: 2014-05-23
Abstract: This article reports on a research dealing with relationship between Saudi Arabian respondents’ acceptance of an online grocery store(OGS)-an innovation in Saudi Arabia, their reaction to the features and characteristics of an OGS, their of online behavior, their demographic and value profile, achievement motivation, attitude toward online grocery shopping, computer orientation, innovativeness and search proneness. Results of the study showed that there was a fair acceptance of an OGS. The store described by us met the five conditions laid out by literature for successful adoption of new innovation, namely, relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, trialability and results demonstrability. In terms of the features of a grocery store, home delivery and security of website were found to be the most valuable features. Service oriented features were valued more highly than price and discount oriented ones. As one would expect, it was also found that positive attitude towards OGS and frequency of the present online shopping were strong predictors of acceptance of OGS. Lastly it was found that future adopters of an OGS are likely to be oriented towards both humans and computers, have an account on You Tube, are innovative, tend to search extensively before purchasing, are competitive and search for excellence. They emphasize security of website and store services above price and promotions. Therefore, it appears there is a demand for OGS in Saudi Arabia. An OGS should provide excellent web security and service, and target present online shoppers who are oriented towards both computer and humans and are innovators. OGS design should provide a shopper facility for easy comparison of prices, brands, product expiry dates and other relevant information for ideal choice decision. (...)
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