TA-CD Vaccine: An Innovative Treatment for Cocaine Addiction?

Title: TA-CD Vaccine: An Innovative Treatment for Cocaine Addiction?
Authors: Attiah, Yasmeen
Sweeney, Angele
Date: 2014-05-07
Abstract: Current therapies for cocaine addiction have demonstrated limited success in treating cocaine dependence. Development of the TA-CD vaccine provides an effective immunotherapeutic treatment for cocaine addicts. The vaccination provides an innovative approach to treating cocaine use disorder by effectively targeting cocaine’s mechanism of action within the central nervous system (CNS). The vaccine consists of a cocaine derivative (succinylnorcocaine) conjugated to the inactivated cholera toxin-B protein. Production of cocaine-specific antibodies with the capacity to bind cocaine molecules within the bloodstream results in the formation of immune complexes too large to cross the blood-brain barrier. By blocking entry of cocaine molecules into the central nervous system, the TA-CD vaccine effectively reduces the positive psychological effects associated with cocaine use. The success of the TA-CD vaccine in comparison to alternative therapies currently available for the treatment of cocaine use disorder demonstrates its potential clinical application.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/31069
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